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Young, Violent, Dangerous is a 1976 Italian poliziotteschi film about three young men in a maniacal crime spree of theft and murder.

Directed by Romolo Guerrieri from a screenplay written by Fernando Di Leo and Nico Ducci based on a screenplay by Di Leo and short stories by Giorgio Scerbanenco. Produced by Ermanno Curti and Marcello Partini. Executive produced by Armando Novelli.

The film stars Stefano Patrizi, Benjamin Lev, Max Delys, Eleonora Giorgi (Hell), Tomas Milian and Venantino Venantini.

“With a tighter storyline by the late Fernando Di Leo that leaned more into character development, a stronger cop character with more story relevance, and more screen time and a better score, Young, Violent, Dangerous would have been one of the best the genre had to offer. Instead, it’s downgraded to a “good” entry that’s definitely worth owning for fans of this gritty Italian crime-movie genre. Blood brothers

“…Tomas Milian is sympathetic as a commissioner trying to bring in the killers, but even this honest man is helpless in the face of such nihilistic violence. Although director Romolo Guerrieri doesn’t seem to have a particularly stellar filmography, he handles Di Leo’s script effectively, with strong action sequences and enough attention to character to keep things interesting. Cagey Films

“It’s all great, but director Guerrieri – probably not Di Leo, whose other films usually don’t come with morals – adds a special after-school mentality, as if to warn all young viewers not to embrace this genre. of behavior. […] It’s definitely not the cathartic stuff we usually get from Di Leo, but it has its moments. combustible celluloid

“The film gives inept police and young rebels a bad name and is at its best when it offers no reason why the trio are so messed up and antisocial, leaving the grim story to play out as an exercise in chilling out the uncontrollable nihilism. It’s a misogynistic film, with the gang leader an incurably murderous sociopath and a possible homosexual locked up. Dennis Schwartz film reviews


“Visually, Young, Violent, Dangerous is expertly directed by Guerrieri, whose sets, including robberies and a lengthy car chase, are all well done and make good use of their Milan locations. The climatic standoff between the gang and the police takes advantage of a single, dizzyingly high bridge connecting two mountains. The credits and the original poster play the role of Tomás Milián, but he is more on the sidelines…” DVD Talk

” …Young, Violent, Dangerous challenges social constructions of the economic system, traditional conceptions of masculinity and the proliferation of violence. While it manages to do all of that in its 96-minute runtime, it does pose questions that will leave viewers wondering far beyond its end credits. monthly movie


“Crime series usually make for can’t-miss concepts in movies, but Young, Violent, Dangerous — while amusing in its first act — is too off-target to register for greatness. Milian is a good hero, sure, but his screen time is limited, devoted to the three punks you really don’t want to hang out with. Eurocrime can offer a lot worse, but it can also offer a lot better. Flick Attack

“… on this occasion, di Leo’s pen is less caustic than elsewhere, and Young, Violent, Dangerous suffers from an overtly didactic dialogue: too many things are explained and underlined as if the filmmaker and the screenwriter were afraid that the public does not understand them. , while the film’s best moments are where reluctance prevails. Roberto Curti, Italian detective filmography 1968 – 1980


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“The Di Leo touch is definitely on display here, both in the high-octane heist and chase scenes and in the eerie interludes with the kids hanging around and cutting each other off. […] Although Milian is the star attraction here […] it’s really the show of young actors to the end…” Mondo Digital


“Script co-written by Fernando di Leo and full of his trademarks, in particular the sociological analysis of the crime aspect. In this case it’s a blunt and blunt criticism of the lad’s comfortable middle-class parents whom the Milan copper bluntly accuses of creating these monsters because they’ve been too busy to show them any love. Tidy waste

“As far as performance goes, Milian, the best placed, is his typically reliable self here. […] The three kids who make up the gang play their respective roles with a lot more enthusiasm though, obviously relishing the chance to make a name for themselves with those roles and putting a lot more effort and energy into their work. Rock! Shock! Popular!


“There are a number of pretty stupendous sets in the film. Incredible random street violence, an absurdly violent supermarket robbery, and an impromptu orgy in a Dutch oven get the energy pumping and make it a windy hour and a half. Screen anarchy

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