Who sings the song from the John Lewis 2021 Christmas ad?

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  • The countdown to Christmas is officially on with the release of the John Lewis 2021 Christmas commercial but viewers are wondering who sings it and what is the song?

    John Lewis’s Christmas ad has become a festive tradition for Brits, with a much-anticipated ad marking the start of the most wonderful time of year, letting us know it’s time to start shopping for the best toys in the world. Christmas and the best Christmas food. .

    The highly anticipated announcement of the year has arrived and features 14-year-old Nathan, who meets an alien called Skye who has his spaceship crashed in a forest deep in his backyard and an unlikely friendship is formed.

    The couple share in the magic of Christmas, with Nathan pulling out pies for his secret friend before handing over the coveted John Lewis Christmas sweater – one of the best kid’s Christmas sweaters this year.

    But the moving narrative isn’t the only thing that left a lasting impression on viewers, with many wondering who the singer is behind the song?

    Who sings the John Lewis Christmas commercial?

    Lola Young is the singer for John Lewis’ new Christmas commercial. She performs her version of the ’80s hit Together in Electric Dreams as an “unexpected guest” lands on earth before Christmas Day.

    The two-minute commercial is a happy story of friendship, which celebrates the magic of Christmas moments experienced for the first time.

    John Lewis takes viewers on a magical Christmas journey, through the eyes of the main characters, a young boy named Nathan and the space traveler, Skye.

    Nathan finds out and befriends Skye, who has landed in the woods next to his home. Their friendship develops as Nathan introduces Skye to many of her family’s festive traditions and brings them to life for her in the woods.

    They decorate the tree with fairy lights, celebrate the tradition of eating and welcoming together, as he encourages her to try her first thin pie, and he also introduces her to the joy of giving thoughtful gifts in him. offering her Christmas sweater.

    Through these shared moments, we see the magic of Christmas through the eyes of someone who has never experienced it.

    Lola is described as a “bright and promising British talent”, who was chosen for her “rich and unique sound that brings the magic of advertising and the friendship that develops on screen to life”.

    Lola Young, who is Lola Young?

    Who sang Together in Electric Dreams?

    The ’80s hit Together in Electric Dreams was originally sung by the British singer and songwriter Philippe oakey and Italian composer and producer Giorgio Moroder.

    Philippe oakey

    Released in 1984, the song reached third place on the UK Official Singles Chart and was chosen as a Heavenly Complement to the Publicity.

    You can watch the original video for the song below…

    Who is Lola Young?

    Lola Young is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from south London who sings the John Lewis Christmas commercial song in 2021.

    The talented youngster started writing songs at the age of 11 and attended the prestigious BRIT school which produced stars such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.

    After graduation she was led by industry leading figures Nick Shymansky and Nick Hugget and signed a deal with Island Records, the home of Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj.

    Speaking about her Christmas commercial voice, Lola Young, said: “I feel very honored to be a part of this, growing up I always watched John Lewis Christmas commercials, they are iconic and it seems a bit surreal to be asked to be in one.

    “It also means a lot as an aspiring artist to be a part of something so special. Together In Electric Dreams is a very beautiful song. I love this era of music and think Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder are amazing.

    “The lyrics and soul of the song are inspiring, and they fit the story of the ad. I’m so excited to cover it and work with John Lewis.

    Lola, who has previously appeared on The Late, Late Show with James Corden and Jools Holland, shared the announcement on her Instagram and her excitement for its release.

    Her first single Six Feet Under, released in 2019, was written by Lola but co-produced by Al Shux who has worked for artists such as Kendrick Lemar and Jay Z.

    If you like what you see, tickets for Lola’s UK and Europe tour are on sale now.

    Claire Pointon, Client Manager at John Lewis added: “There is nothing more magical than discovering the joy of Christmas for the first time and enjoying your favorite festive moments with your loved ones.

    “After the past 18 months, we wanted our ad to really celebrate this as we look forward to a brighter future. We know our customers are more excited about this holiday season than ever, as they reconnect with family and friends.

    “Through the story of Skye and Nathan, we celebrate friendship and remember the joy of living Christmas for the first time.”

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