What is the best car advertisement of all time?

Every year, around the beginning of February, we receive a slew of brand new and sometimes impressive car advertisements. It got us wondering what the best car ad ever was and we’re not just talking about TV spots. Today, our question of the day encompasses all automotive advertisements, including print ones.

Every year, brands around the world spend billions of dollars creating ads that audiences will remember and love. Yet it seems that the vast majority can maintain more than a passing hold on our gray matter. A few manage to dig in and stick around for a while, though, and those are the ones we’re most interested in.

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Perhaps you feel that ads were much more striking in the past. For example, it’s hard to dismiss an ad as bold as our main image. Volvo knew comparing a wagon to a Lamborghini would be eye-catching, but they probably didn’t know people would be talking about it decades later.

At the same time, new advertisements like the one Fiat ran for the “big game” of 2012 also caught the eye. In it, the Italian marque known for its small cars draws a clear and memorable line of passion and lust to its screaming little 500 Abarth model. Maybe that line between print and video is more important.

Do you feel that an advertisement published in the print media is more or less powerful? There’s no doubt that some print ads in recent memory have communicated their point well, but in today’s world it’s hard to imagine they would have as wide a reach as most advertising platforms. movies. That shouldn’t take away ads like Porsche’s “Nobody’s Perfect” ad.

At the same time, ads like Jaguar’s “Villains” spot, Dodge’s “Predators” ad, or BMW’s M5 movie that claimed the car could keep up with a supersonic land speed record car couldn’t get as much traction. impact in printed form. So that’s where you tell us.

What is your favorite car ad? Which is the best? It is certainly possible that these two advertisements are not the same in your mind. Personally, I don’t like VW’s “Unpimp your ride” ads from a decade or more ago, but I appreciate where they came from.

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