Watch: “Crazy” Italian stunt pilot drives past tunnels in Turkey and enters Guinness Book of World Records, Trending News


In a daring act, an Italian stunt pilot Dario costa took his plane through two tunnels in Istanbul, Turkey, assuring that his feat entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The first class act shattered the longest plane flight made in a tunnel. The total distance traveled by Costa’s plane was 1,730 meters. Costa’s glass passed easily past the two tunnels.

People on social media applauded the incredible feat as the plane passed through the Çatalca tunnels outside of Istanbul.



Video of the incredible feat has gone viral on social media.

After the daredevil act, Dario Costa said: “I had never flown in a tunnel in my life – no one had ever done so – so there was a big question mark in my head though. everything would turn out as we had planned. It was a great relief, of course, but a great, great happiness was the main emotion. For me, this is another dream come true.

Courtesy of social media: Twitter – @redbull

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