Vince Muscat was paid € 20,000 for the murder of Carmel Chircop


Vince Muscat was paid € 20,000 for his role in the murder of lawyer Carmel Chircop, homicide inspector Keith Arnaud has revealed.

Arnaud revealed the information during today’s compilation of evidence against Adrian Agius, Robert Agius, Jamie Vella and George Degiorgio on the murders of Chircop and journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Muscat, who obtained a presidential pardon in exchange for information about Chircop’s murder, told police he received € 10,000 from George Degiorgio, on behalf of Adrian Agius, and an additional € 10,000 from Agius himself.

Chircop was killed after being shot four times while walking towards a garage complex on John Borg Street in Birkirkara in October 2015.

During the session, Arnaud gave chilling details about the murder plot.

Muscat told police that Degiorgio, Vella and himself committed the murder, Degiorgio being the person who brought Muscat onto the murder plot. With the help of information from Agius, the men followed Chircop for weeks before the murder.

Degiorgio was the getaway pilot while he and Vella sat in the backseat. At around 7 a.m., Vella fired five shots at Chircop. The Agius brothers provided the murder weapon.

Arnaud confirmed that four bullets hit Chircop. The fifth ricocheted off Chircop’s vehicle.

The three men had previously practiced their escape. CCTV footage showed the vehicle fleeing the scene, heading towards Santa Venera.

Muscat confirmed to police that the car was parked in Santa Venera. They then went to Vella’s apartment to change clothes before going their separate ways.

Two weeks later, the men went to dispose of the gun. He was thrown into the water by Tiger Bar in Marsa.

Shortly after the murder, Chircop’s wife revealed to police that her husband had sued Adrian Agius for money in the months leading up to the murder.

She explained that in July 2015, the couple visited a villa in Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq, which Agius offered to settle the debt. The couple agreed not to accept the offer.

She also said that a few months later her husband had an argument on the phone with Agius while they were abroad.

The last call between Agius and Chircop took place in October, two days before the murder.

Chircop owed around € 600,000 to finance the purchase by More Supermarkets of a warehouse in Qormi. Agius was a shareholder with Ryan Schembri and Etienne Cassar. The deal fell through once Schembri fled the islands.

Agius was questioned, refusing legal assistance. He said the charges were tied to a sale and that Chircop had noted it as a loan to evade taxes.

Agius confirmed that Chircop was suing him for money, but dismissed him, explaining that he had many creditors. He said he plans to take Chircop to court over the matter.

He provided the police with an alibi, insisting he was abroad when the murder took place. He was pressured into his relationship with George Degiorgio, but it was not successful.

Agius was released the same day. However, Arnaud said police knew he was behind it but lacked the evidence to prosecute.

All of that changed once Muscat got his pardon. Muscat took the police to all the sites and even helped them locate the weapon.

Muscat also pleaded guilty for his role in the murder of Caruana Galizia. Information on the role of Robert Agius and Jamie Vella in the murder is also discussed today.

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