University of Florence to offer Masters in Coffee, World News


Coffee for some makes the difference between a day half won and the battle lost at the start. As her warm embrace lulls you to sleep each morning, you forget about your worries for a little while, preparing yourself for the hammer of life afterward.

So if you want to sip the drink and give an informed opinion to a wine connoisseur then you are in luck because the University of Florence in Italy offers a Masters in Coffee. The course has already found takers and the first group of 24 students will start the course in January. It will be a nine month course. They will acquire practical and theoretical knowledge about coffee.

The course supervisor, also the head of the university’s agriculture department, was quoted in the media as saying the course would cover all aspects of the business. This will include teaching students about the origins of coffee and even serving the drink.

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Students will learn about the history, chemistry, technology, and economics of coffee. They will also be sent to gain practical experience with companies in the sector.

The very first course will be in Italian but the university is ready to offer a course in English if it gets a good answer.

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Italians are heavy drinkers of coffee. The average Italian drinks almost 6 kg of coffee per year. This is more than the European average.

If all the jargon in the course bores you, the prospect of dreamily sipping coffee in one of the Florentian squares can make you take the plunge.

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