Tripadvisor’s list of the 10 best Italian restaurants in Oxford

EVERYONE loves pizza and pasta, right? Italian food is universally loved, but especially so here in Oxford.

Have you ever wondered where is the best place to go for your next Italian cuisine? Let’s take a look at TripAdvisor’s top 10 Italian restaurants…

Bbuona Pinsa Bar, Gloucester Green

Five stars, 354 reviews.

Bbuona Pinsa Bar, Gloucester Green (Google)

One reviewer said: “We keep coming to Bbuona for our Pinsa solution from Maidenhead for the quality of the ingredients and end product, the friendly environment and for the efficiency and resourcefulness of the staff.

“They always go above and beyond to ensure guests’ needs are met even on very busy evenings.”

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La Cucina, rue St Clement

Four and a half stars, 782 reviews.

One reviewer said, “Wonderful food and presentation, ambience and service. The food was totally delicious with generous portions.

“The service was delightful – responsive, intuitive and attentive. Please help them stay open by opposing the local proposal to pedestrianize St Clements which will have a catastrophic effect on their business.

Mamma Mia Pizzeria, S Parade, Summertown.

Four and a half stars, 893 reviews.

One reviewer said: “Authentic Italian pizza, thin and crispy at just the right time, made with quality ingredients – felt at home and I’m Italian.”

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Mamma Mia Jericho, Walton Street

Four and a half stars, 408 reviews.

One reviewer said: ‘The restaurant was very popular the evening we visited and we were extremely impressed that the food arrived in a timely manner with the usual excellent quality – very impressed, we will be back.’

Gino’s, Gloucester Green Market

Four and a half stars, 438 reviews

Oxford Mail: Gino's, Gloucester Green Market (Google)Gino’s, Gloucester Green Market (Google)

One reviewer said: ‘We found this little gem tucked away around the corner from the square. A fabulous evening, great wine, great food, reasonably priced and a great atmosphere.”

The White Rabbit Oxford, Brothers Entrance

Four and a half stars, 918 reviews

One reviewer said: “Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to eat delicious pizza – so good.”

Branca, Walton Street

Four stars, 799 reviews

One reviewer said: “Everyone seems to be having fun and the food is fantastic. An absolute Oxford gem that must be shared.”

Bella Italia, George Street

Four stars, 1,002 reviews

Oxford Mail: Bella Italia, George Street (Google)Bella Italia, George Street (Google)

One reviewer said: “Excellent allergy provisions, pleasant and bright atmosphere, friendly and prompt service and central location.”

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Pizza Pilgrims, Westgate

Four stars, 331 reviews

One reviewer said: ‘I had a fabulous time at Pizza Pilgrims with my best friend – consumed lots of great food and drink. I look forward to returning very soon.”

Italian ASK, George Street

Four stars, 535 reviews

One reviewer said, “Very good food, reasonably priced and great service.”

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