Thrill Kill, Fan Games and Tifa’s Italian fame

If you’re unfortunate enough to be active on Twitter, you’ll know it’s been a roller coaster ride this week. A lewd video of Tifa played in the Italian senate started with a bang, but alas, the M&Ms joining the culture war brought it all down. Now that the dust has settled, we have articles on both of these stories in our roundup.

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But as we celebrate the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we have to start with this today. Say what you want about the graphics (I know you all do), but there’s another aspect of the game that’s also disturbing.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Galaxy Hall Jubilife Village

Pokemon Legends Arceus being a sequel feels like a cop

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is finally hitting stores today, but we already knew a lot about it a week ago. Once again the game leaked and lead feature editor Jade King became concerned about one of the story elements that was revealed (potential spoilers ahead). According to the leak, the protagonist is the same character of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, now 15 years old. Although set far in the past, this would make the game a sequel. Jade says it’s a missed opportunity, as we’ll be playing as someone who has befriended Pokemon before – rather than someone experiencing them for the first time.


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Why fan games are crucial to the games industry

Fan games exist in a precarious legal position. In fact, they can only really exist if the original publishers either don’t care about their existence or are completely unaware of them. However, feature editor Khee Hoon Chan says they are an integral part of the industry, giving talented creatives their first taste of game development. The most obvious example is Toby Fox, who started working on Earthbound ROM hacks. If Nintendo had been as punishing as it is now, the gaming world could have lost an indie legend.

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Tifa Lockhart has become a wholesome Italian icon

Tifa was a smash hit this week as the world watched her have fun in the Italian senate. Aside from the obvious feel-good element of the story – a group of confused politicians subjected to video game pornography – editor Jade King highlights another aspect of the story that is great: that brought us all together. The fanbase quickly rallied around the story, creating fun fanart that made the incident part of Final Fantasy canon. Whether she’s dressed up as Mario, laughing at her friends who saw the incident, or expressing her interest in running for president, fans have somehow made this event wholesome. And that takes talent.

M&M Maus Minnie

Censorship Is Real, But It Doesn’t Happen To M&Ms

Well, if we’re going to review the big internet stories of the last seven days, we really can’t ignore the sexy M&Ms debate. For those unaware, the M&M characters used in adverts have had a makeover, with green ditching high heels in favor of sneakers. Editor-in-Chief Stacey Henley argues that those who cry “censorship!” plus it distracts from a real case of censorship — Maus, a Holocaust graphic novel, banned by the Tennessee School Board.


Thrill Kill, the “forbidden” game that everyone has played

If you want to build hype for a game, there are worse things than getting it banned. Feature editor Andy Kelly shares his experience playing cult classic fighter Thrill Kill as a kid, despite the game never officially launching. Clandestine copies were shared on playgrounds across the UK, and the game built its reputation solely through word of mouth. His violence was publicized among his fans, although, as Andy writes, it was not shocking at all. In fact, he says it was pretty boring. That didn’t stop him from passing the game on to the next child he passed the game to – the mythology was to live on.

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