This Italian region wows tourists with free extra nights


The Italian region of Lazio, home to the capital Rome, hopes to attract much-needed tourism by extending visitors’ stay for free. The initiative, called “More nights, more dreams”, hopes to convince holidaymakers to extend their stay in the region by subsidizing their accommodation.

Lazio region governor Nicola Zingaretti announced the project earlier this week as part of a plan to boost tourism in and around the capital after the industry was hit by COVID-19 measures . Worth 10 million euros, the bonus nights package will be offered from July 1. Incentives include an additional free night for holidaymakers who have booked three consecutive nights in the region and two free nights for those who have booked five. Additional nights in approved establishments will be financed by the regional authorities. The participating structures are available on the region’s website,

Zingaretti called the initiative an “unmissable opportunity” for tourists by helping them to know the “richness of the territory” of the region. Regional tourism advisor Valentina Corrado called the Lazio region “little Italy”. Speaking at the launch of the campaign, she added: “Here you can find woods, mountains, sea, hills, plains, cities of art and sports. We have 11 Pavilion beaches Blue this year, an increase over last year. ”Zingaretti also praised the region’s successful vaccination program, making the region a safe place to travel.

The project also hopes to strengthen the struggling tourism sector. Amid lockdowns and travel restrictions, Italy has seen 233 million fewer overnight stays last year compared to previous years. Tourist honeypots like Rome and Florence have seen an 80% reduction in the number of visitors.

The Lazio region will publish an advertising campaign in July, but in the meantime it is presenting the initiative through videos on social media. Under the tagline #FaiUnSaltoNelLazio, which translates to “Leap into Lazio,” the videos highlight some of the region’s strengths. These include Civita di Bagnoregio, the “dying city” of Lazio, the monstrous sculptures in Bosco di Bomarzo park and the youth hostel located inside the Castello di Santa Severa seaside. The videos will be posted on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram and will feature hip-hop dancers.

Lazio’s attempt to attract tourists comes as Italy opens its borders to international visitors. ‘Covid-free’ flights allow tourists from the US, Canada and Japan to travel to Italy while the five-day quarantine has been lifted for visitors from the EU, Israel and the UK . Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced this week that the “green pass” for vaccinated, recovered or COVID-negative travelers will be available from mid-June.

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