The North American Debut Of A Groundbreaking Film Tonight Celebrates Groundbreaking Mental Health Therapy

TORONTO, June 26, 2022 /CNW/ – When Claudia Gerini was growing up in Italyshe probably didn’t think she would help lead a mental health revolution across the Atlantic.

With his new film Tapirulàn or The treadmill (trailer) makes its Bell Lightbox debut at Toronto tonight (June 26) at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival, that’s exactly what she will do.

Gerini will be the guest of honor virtually at 7:30 p.m. EST as she makes her directorial debut with her new film which will premiere in North America. She will speak briefly before the screening and will then answer questions from the public and the media.

Gerini had planned to be in Canada this weekend, but his daughter contracted coronavirus preventing him from attending in person.

The film features Gerini as a therapist who provides online therapy using a revolutionary platform to allow her to better read patients’ biometrics and their emotional states.

The software was developed by iDentivisuals, an early-stage platform technology company founded in Italy. It’s run by a Canadian from Windsor, Ontario, Ian Wilcoxwhich will be at launch.

iDentivisual’s software measures six emotions including anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. Key performance indicators look at bias, interest, and engagement.

“It has the most accurate emotional sensing platform in the world,” said Wilcox, who is looking for Canadian investors to help support the launch.

Barry Browna master’s degree in social work from Torontowill also attend the launch on Sunday.

“I’m intrigued to learn how technology can help therapists and counselors more easily assess patients and clients remotely,” said Brown, who has worked with very difficult individuals and families for the past 40 years. years.

“The work we do is important to anyone who cares about the well-being of our society,” Wilcox said. “We hope the software featured in this film will start a conversation about a client-patient relationship that will allow therapists to truly meet people where they are.”

The iDentivisuals platform is used in a wide variety of segments, including candidate recruitment, client analytics, and employee engagement.

“The potential application of emotional sensing in the therapeutic setting and beyond is quite broad,” says Dr. David Ramirez, retired director of psychological services at Swarthmore College and psychoanalyst in private practice at philadelphia cream. “This platform could bring a significant augmentation to the process of helping clinicians better assess and respond to a client/patient’s here-and-now experience.”

Italian Contemporary Film Festival

The Italian Contemporary Film Festival presented by the Lavazza Group will take place at from Toronto Historic Distillery District June 27 to July 162022.

The film Conveyor Belt (Tapirulàn) will be screened on Sunday June 262022 at the Bell Lightbox at Toronto at 350 King Street Westand will be available online at July 1 to 10. Tickets for the screening are available here.

Claudia Gerini

Claudia Gerini is an Italian actor, screenwriter and director who has starred in more than 50 films. Gerini began acting at a young age, playing her first role at age 14 in La ballata di Eva (1986). Gerini made her directorial debut with Tapirulàn. This is the first time that Gerini has acted and directed a film.


iDentivisuals develops and creates innovative digital applications capable of reading and interpreting the emotions on people’s faces, integrating them into work, corporate and commercial contexts.

The iDentivisuals team combines the potential of biometric and cognitive technologies, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning with strong human experience in business, psychology and HR.

Ian Wilcox

Ian Wilcox is the CEO of IDentivisuals. Native Windsor, Ont.Wilcox now resides at philadelphia cream and New Scotland.

Dr. David Ramírez

dr. David Ramirez is a retired director of psychological services at Swarthmore College and psychoanalyst in private practice at philadelphia cream.

SOURCE iDentivisuals

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