The Italian media see Ferrari badly judged: “It was dominated”

Ferrari hoped to do well at the Italian Grand Prix last weekend, but their hopes were dashed. Carlos Sainz was forced to retire on the first lap, while Charles Leclerc mistook third place and missed the podium. Despite this, Italian fans and media continue to support the pair, although there has been some criticism.

As world championship leader, Leclerc faces a lot of pressure for the first time in his Formula 1 career. While the Monegasque has repeatedly let it be known that he remains calm, he made less of an impression at Imola . Corriere Della Sera also noticed this. “Enthusiasm, nervousness, confusion and pressure from fans can cause a moment’s blackout, even for Leclerc,” he added. judged the Italian newspaper.

The Gazzetta dello Sport was also somewhat disappointed. According to the Italians, the fans in the stands expected more from the racing team. “It’s a difficult reality to accept for the red Torcida of Imola, who dreamed of a completely different GP of Emilia-Romagna”, said the medium, who then expressed his confidence in the formation.

The Foglio showed the same confidence, but also saw that Red Bull Racing were the strongest of the weekend. According to the media, Ferrari should therefore not focus on its own performance and should closely monitor the qualities of the Austrians. “At Imola, Ferrari waited for Red Bull to dominate again, but instead they were dominated.” He concluded.

High trust among Ferrari fans

On Twitter, support for Leclerc and Sainz was widespread. Both men proved what they were capable of at the start of the season and don’t seem to have tumbled after a lesser weekend. In fact, confidence appears to be at its highest level in years.

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