The front page of the National Euros-Braveheart spotted on a t-shirt in an Italian boutique


ITALIANS continue to show their love for the front page of The National’s Braveheart, as the award-nominated cover has now been found printed on a T-shirt at an Italian sports store.

The t-shirt shows Roberto Mancini’s now famous National cover page as William Wallace ahead of Italy’s match against England at Euro 2020.

The front page of Saturday July 10 featured the Italian manager as Mel Gibson’s version of William Wallace, and read: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope.”

The text below read, “We can’t stand them fighting another 55 years over this.”

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The Azzurri emerged victorious and lifted the trophy after beating Gareth Southgate’s men on penalties.

While the front page made headlines and sparked debate across the UK, it was appreciated in Italy, widely shared in the country’s media.

It was even popular with Mancini himself, who said: “The front page of the newspaper is nice.

“We will have to play our game. We will have to play a great game, that must be our only thought. It is a football game after all.”

He later added that it “made me laugh”.

Our diary then found its way to the Italian manager as a video posted by the Italian team showed The National sitting under the Euro 2020 trophy on the team’s return flight.

The National: The National under the Euro 2020 trophyThe National under the Euro 2020 trophy

But now it has been spotted by a Scotsman who lives in Italy while visiting a store in Calabria and has been shared online. The tweet was received positively, with some saying they wanted their own national t-shirt.

Dionne Kennedy, who shared the photo on Twitter, explained that it was actually her mother who found the exhibit in Italy.

“She actually lives there, she’s vacationing down south in a place called Calabria. She just noticed it this morning, took a little photo and texted me,” Kennedy said.

“I thought it was funny, I sent it to a few friends, I put it on Twitter and obviously thought someone was going to find it funny on Twitter, so that was really it.”

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Kennedy, a 27-year-old from Glasgow who now works in Berlin in digital marketing, said The National’s front page had gone quite far in Italy, adding: “It wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t the only store that [sold the T-shirt]”.

The National: The National's Braveheart cover was found on a T-shirt in a store in ItalyNational’s Braveheart cover was found on a t-shirt in a store in Italy

“It made the headlines there but I think it’s the first time [my mum] saw it printed on a t-shirt, ”she said.

While Kennedy liked to see the t-shirt on sale in Italy, she said The National might be missing a trick.

She said: “A lot of people in the comments said they want one so you need to start printing them or maybe my mom needs to start some sort of business in Italy.”

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