“The decision was based on a thorough understanding”


The temporary release of British coach Jamie Day from his duties with the national football team and the subsequent brief appointment of Spain coach Oscar Bruzon ahead of the SAFF championship put the professionalism of the Football Federation in the Bangladesh (BFF) under close scrutiny, however, BFF President Kazi Salahuddin believes his decision was entirely focused on improving the national team.

“There have been examples like this in world football, at club level in Chelsea for example, which however have no financial problem, but you have to understand our reality. Not unprofessional, what I did was by necessity for my country, for my team and for my federation, ”Salahuddin told the Daily Star on Monday.

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“After the Tri Nations Cup in Nepal at the end of March, alongside Nabil [Vice President Kazi Nabil Ahmed], I sat down with Jamie [Jamie Day] and assistant coach Stuart Watkiss, who told us the team is what they played in Nepal. I told Stuart that we beat Nepal in Dhaka, to which his response was that whatever you do behind the national team you can’t even improve by more than one percent.

“If there is no room for improvement for the national team, then tell me, why should I spend $ 25,000 a month behind them,” said Salahuddin, who watched the United Nations Cup in the United Nations. during which Bangladesh lost 0-2 to Nepal in the final after playing. a draw in the group stage.

When asked why the contract was not reviewed in August after the end of a year on a two-year contract, the boss of the BFF replied: “What will happen after the end? of the SAFF championship? I cannot bring any foreign coaches at the time due to the pandemic but I have to play other tournaments.

“Now because of the two-year contract, if it’s terminated, I have to pay it [Day] whether he stays here or abroad. So I kept it to take care of the team, whether they were performing well or not.

“My decision was based on a deep understanding. I can now give it to her [Day] the engagement of the U-23 national team, according to the contract, and he can continue to try the young players.

“If he [Day] refuses to take over the U-23 team, so it becomes a breach of contract on his part. I couldn’t fire him because of our involvement in the U-23 tournament. “

The former national striker further informed that he was not worried about the outcome of Oscar Bruzon, who will only guide the national team in the SAFF championship.

“If Bruzon does not deliver the expected results, there is nothing we can do about it, but at the moment Bruzon has only been assigned for the SAFF Championship.

“There was no discussion with Bruzon about the AFC U-23 Championship qualifiers and the Four Nations Invitational Tournament in Sri Lanka,” said Salahuddin.

The BFF president also mentioned that he had been trying to find Day’s replacement for over a year.

“I was trying to change my head coach for about a year and a half, but this time around I couldn’t bring any foreign coaches here because of the pandemic.

“This time I told my trainer [Day] watch the league games but I have to admit that the contract [with Day] was not done correctly as he was entitled to enjoy 100 days of vacation under the contract and he invariably left [London] take advantage of it as soon as the national team’s commitment to the tournament ends.

“And he didn’t watch the national games afterwards. This time I felt that things had to change because he doesn’t own the national team. But the circumstances did not allow it.”

Salahuddin believes the existing group of players can shine under a competent coach.

“If anyone tells me that this generation of footballers are less talented and less skilled than the previous generations, I wouldn’t agree. If we can provide the national team with a good coach who can organize the boys well, the results will come, I believe. “

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