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Director Rohit Shetty is rich in drama but low in plot

Posted: Fri, 5 Nov 2021, 2:11 PM

Last update: Fri, 5 Nov 2021, 02:28 PM

Men in khaki that you rarely see in one until the bombastic end of the assembly line. Tribute to the resilience of the people of Mumbai after the 1993 serial bombings.

Terrorists who can pass themselves off as WWF wrestlers but are easily beaten up by the good guys. High octane car chases and shattering bomb explosions.

And thunderous 24-hour background noise that won’t let you forget for a single moment you’re watching a Rohit Shetty crime drama, where the action precedes the storyline.

Here’s a look at how the Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif star Sooryavanshi, tariffs in the bombastic cop universe.

Story? What a story?

The plot is as mundane as they come. Veer Sooryavanshi (a fit and fabulous Akshay Kumar), a member of the elite ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) led by famous cop Kabir Shroff (a dapper Javed Jaffrey) is on the heels of a 40-member sleeper cell that has been activated after 13 long years carrying out bombings with a hidden RDX hiding place in Mumbai.

Sooryavanshi is assisted by a pack of assorted cops whose main duty is to sneer at their boss’s propensity to confuse their names. But it was not until Ajay Devgn (Bajirao, Singham) and Ranveer Singh (Sangram Bhalerao from Simba) make their exaggerated entry into the franchise towards the end, which the action picks up on.

The family drama is provided by Veer’s steamy wife Dr Riya (a stunning Katrina Kaif who walks in and out of operating rooms because how could you show she’s a serious medical professional) whose pet peeve is that it prioritizes the work of the police over personal relationships.

It’s purely a cop world

There are plenty of cops to visit and kudos to the costume department for making sure that no wrinkles or a hint of grease or blood soil the uniforms of these heroic infantrymen. Granted the brass top puts on khaki mainly for the grand finale, but with no hair out of place, Ray-Ban on and polished Italian leather-clad feet, the triumvirate of Sooryavanshi, Singham and Simbaa, might just strut the podium. when not to inject iron into a horde of activists.

Action, action and more action

They might not look like it, but these cops can certainly subdue even the most menacing terrorists to submission with a few repeated blows.

Villains, of course, are no match for it, because what good is it having villains who can outperform or knock out the heroes in a purely black and white movie. Even a muscular 7ft Undertaker-type terrorist is no match for Singham’s powerful punches.

What is a mass movie without a rain dance?

As is the case with most Bollywood masala films, the romance of Veer and (Dr) Riya (a model more dazzling than a doctor on duty, not to denounce the front lines) is encapsulated in a song, which we remember mainly for its sensational character. appearance rather than intrigue.

Shift interval when a hot and sizzling Katrina, clad in metallic saree, abruptly bursts into Tip Tip Barsa Pani 2.0 (I saw it, without a doubt, for Akshay who played in the original with Raveena Tandon in the years 1994 Mohra) we’re not even confused. Because we are now used to the most improper public acts of men and women in uniform.

A treat for melodrama lovers

Suffice to say that there is enough drama and melodrama here to overdose.

While at one end of the spectrum we have a distraught Riya delivering a shrill rant about how family should come before duty; hackneyed terrorists are forced to spout the usual spiel about how they were forced to embark on a mission across the country, to avenge the wrongs done to them and an entire community must endure another round of stereotyping of Bollywood.

Nothing ever sticks and even a brooding Jackie Shroff or a brooding Gulshan Grover who, admittedly, both play their roles to perfection cannot escape the dialogue and symbolism of the textbooks.

Unusually for a Rohit Shetty film, even the tacky dialogue and one-liners leave no impact. It takes a Ranveer Singh to make us laugh with his brand of melodrama in the second half of the film and Ajay Devgn is also a hoot when the trio reunites at the end.

Site. site. Site.

Mumbai is of course the centrifugal force which is the target of all action. But under the guise of chasing a lead (Sikander Kher in the blink of an eye and lack of appearance) we are taken on a whirlwind trip to Bangkok where there is yet another high speed chase and this time Akshay arrives at do a wheely on a snazzy bike and at one point there is even a car flying above it.

And before you think it’s the end, without breaking a sweat he climbs onto a helicopter and sets off on another chase over rough waters and melts and single-handedly grabs the culprit of a water scooter. .

Even the NSG (National Security Guard) is deployed towards the end to give Shetty a chance to sign a few more checks and put a few more helicopters in the air.

PR for Mumbai Police?

Sooryavanshi is a huge public relations exercise for the besieged Mumbai police who have come under attack for police-like acts. But frankly, it does them a disservice.

There is enough talk going on about what continues true Indian and interfaith unity, and how terrorism affects tourism and entertainment with a few popular names across the border to appeal to cricketers and moviegoers alike.

But they are all struck by the viewer so constantly that it comes across as a symbolic act rather than a real effort to present the real dynamic within the country.

Should we watch it?

Sooryavanshi is one of those movies where even if you are halfway asleep you can bet you’ll still wake up to flying bullets and burning cars.

If your idea of ​​entertainment is guns, road chases, “heroes” cops toppling terrorists without worrying about collateral damage and a lead actress item number, then Sooryavanshi is all for you.

And if you are a true fan of mass blue performers and haven’t stocked up on what you just witnessed in the last 2.5 hours, there is a Three Cops dance number. . hero as the credits roll you don’t want to miss.


Director: Rohit shetty

To throw: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Javed Jaffrey, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh

Evaluation: 2.5 out of 5

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