Seth Rogen’s mom confused about being Donkey Kong in Mario movie


He might be Donkey Kong’s new voice in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, but Seth Rogen’s mother isn’t quite sure what to say about it.

The mother of filmmaker, actor and comedian Seth Rogen seems to be a little confused about her son’s recent casting as Donkey Kong in Nintendo’s upcoming game. Mario. The IP of Super Mario Bros. has long been adapted to various media, generally with great success. However, when it comes to cinema, the famous Italian duo of Mario and Luigi has faltered outside of Japan. That being said, the last time a Super Mario Bros. arrived, it was the live-action effort of 1993, a film widely recognized as one of the worst box office disasters.

With its announcement of an animated version of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo has given fans of the longtime franchise yet another reason to excite. This past March, the Super Nintendo World theme park officially opened in Osaka, Japan, bringing elements of the Super Mario Bros. world to life. While the Covid-19 pandemic has somewhat limited visitors to the new park, cinemas are once again showing signs of life. As a result, the arrival of Mario Next year is arguably the next best thing to a trip to Super Nintendo World. Still, all talk of the excitement aside, news of Nintendo’s animated feature and its release date also revealed the film’s cast. There is currently a lot of debate about Chris Pratt being the voice of Mario, but other casting choices, such as Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, seem appropriate.

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But not everyone is charmed by the idea of ​​Rogen voicing the video game’s most famous primate. According to a recent tweet from Sandy rogen, she’s not sure how to treat her son as Donkey Kong. “My son is donkey Kong! I’m not sure what to say about it,”Read the tweet, leaving some wondering if she was unhappy or just really confused by it all. Fans were quick to assure her that this was indeed a good thing, although some comments referring to the famous franchise could only confuse her further:

While they’re typically associated with the cast of characters seen in the Mario Bros. universe, Donkey Kong and Mario have a deeper relationship. The first game in what would become a Donkey Kong game series arrived in 1981, marking Mario’s very first appearance. At the time, he was simply known as the Jumpman. In the years since that first encounter, Mario has obviously turned into something far more than his Jumpman years suggested, as has Donkey Kong. Together, the two characters represent some of the greatest achievements in Nintendo’s long history. Additionally, characters have become an important part of people’s lives, hence the current retreat regarding Pratt as the voice of Mario.

No matter where you are on the cast of Pratt as Mario, Rogen’s cast as Donkey Kong looks perfect. With the exception of being cast as Rowlf the dog who plays the piano in an animated adaptation of The Muppets, it’s hard to imagine a role more perfectly suited to Rogen’s unique voice. Exactly what fans have in store for them when it comes to the release of Mario is hard to say, but Rogen’s mom can rest easy knowing her son landed a perfect role.

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