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Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that the government must share a detailed evacuation plan by region to avoid further tragedies.

As Congress leader Rahul Gandhi quizzed the government on Wednesday on the evacuation front of Indians stranded in Ukraine, BJP’s Amit Malviya attacked Rahul Gandhi saying his father went on leave during the 1971 war with the Pakistan.

“No country undertook an India-wide evacuation in Ukraine. Yet Rahul Gandhi, whose father, an AI pilot, went on leave during the 1971 war with Pak and then in 1977 , when Indira lost power, the family hid in the Italian Embassy asks us about securing the Indians!” tweeted Amit Malviya.

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This claim about Rajiv Gandhi is not new and it surfaces from time to time on social media and WhatsApp. However, the claim remains disputed as many historians have claimed that Rajiv Gandhi had no role to play in the 1971 war.

As Ukraine faces a humanitarian crisis with many Indians stranded there, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday called on the government to disclose how many students have been evacuated and how many are still stranded in Ukraine, and demanded that the Center develops its “clear strategy” for Their families.

Sharing video calls from Ukrainian students, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi expressed concern for Indians stranded in Ukraine. Congress has launched a “SpeakUpForStudents” campaign on social media to pressure the government to take action to ensure the safe and speedy evacuation of all Indian students from Ukraine.

Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said: “It is really disheartening to see the Narendra Modi government sleeping even after the death of an Indian student! Urgent action should have been taken a few days ago, but our Prime Minister and his ministers were busy finding “aapda”. mein avsar” and carry out their public relations campaign even in the midst of a war crisis!”

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