Proving Elon Musk Wrong: This Italian Marketing Firm Has No Fixed Office Hours

No fixed office hours and free vacations, plus a relaxed and dynamic working environment: it sounds like every worker’s dream – but it’s a reality in a marketing agency in northern Italy.

Velvet Media Italia has 150 employees and more than 500 clients – and its working philosophy, he says, is people-based rather than process-based.

“I think creativity stems from inner well-being: when you live under anxious and stressful conditions, you tend to be less productive, in terms of the quality of output,” CEO Bassel Bakdounes told Euronews .

We are far from the recent remarks of Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, who feels the need for his employees to be physically present in the office full-time.

“We work on targets rather than working hours. Everyone knows that he has a certain number of activities to carry out to best satisfy our customers and must respect well-defined deadlines. For us, the exact time people start working on it just doesn’t matter,” said Stefano Negroni, CEO of Velvet Media Italia.

Employees of this agency come to the office late and leave early, or don’t show up at all. And, believe it or not, their own boss asks them to – as long as they are valuable assets to their company.

“We didn’t set standards to follow, like clocking in at 9:00 a.m. and going out at 6:00 p.m. We have been doing this forever, in line with our commitments and goals, but now this system is clearer and well-developed: it feels like a natural development in our business,” said Account Manager Federica De Sisto.

Bakdounes, the CEO, added: “Thinking about buying people’s time is an anachronistic cultural heritage: it can no longer be the heart of a company”.

“I prefer to buy, so to speak, people’s creativity, their ability to work in a team, etc.”

Watch the full Euronews report in the media player above.

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