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Yeses, we chose the best television of the year. Yes, we celebrated how TV can be at its best. But where were the telephone hoaxes? The flying presenters? It’s time to turn our attention to the shocking, infuriating and stupid incidents that have marked the path of our televised year. Here are the most controversial TV moments of 2021.

Meghan’s race bomb

Anyone who had any hope that Prince Harry and Meghan would maintain diplomatic peace with the British royal family was immediately devastated when the couple sat down to speak to neighbor and mentor Oprah Winfrey. Biggest takeaway from the event: Meghan claimed that a senior family member openly wondered what their child’s skin color would be. A book published this fall pinned him on Charles, Charles denied it and other insiders whispered about another culprit. It doesn’t matter – the impact was the thing.

The implosion of Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan leaves the set of Good Morning Britain.

Another nugget from the interview: During some of the worst issues with the Royal Family, Meghan’s mental health suffered to the point that she considered taking her own life. This sort of thing deserves to be treated with consideration. Piers Morgan, meanwhile, spent the entire day on Good Morning Britain the next day angrily accusing him of lying. The next day, as the fallout continued to rumble, his fellow meteorologist challenged him. He responded by turning a bright purple and storming the plateau. A little snowflake, really.

Eurovision “sniffs” incident

In the final stages of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the lead singer of victorious Italian entry Måneskin appeared to bend down and run his nose across the surface of a table. Social networks have gone wild. Was he snorting cocaine? Amid repeated denials from Måneskin, the Eurovision Broadcasting Union launched an investigation which saw them testing the group for drugs. And given that the tests came back negative, it looks like the Italian rockers were telling the truth. Still, good luck in trying to change Twitter’s mind on anything.

FR News launch

Perhaps the most hilarious TV launch of all time happened when GB News, apparently a UK equivalent of Fox News, revealed that it was only held together by saliva and duct tape. The graphics were not working. Prank callers with fake names like Mike Oxlong and Jenny Taylier (say them out loud) have been aired several times. Andrew Neil appeared to be forcibly kept in a sex dungeon. It was horrible. Has it improved? It would require watching GB News, so no one knows.

prince philippedeath cover

If you’ve ever wondered how the British public would vote if they had to choose between the Royal Family and the BBC, here’s a pretty good indication. When Prince Philip passed away in April, the BBC respectfully cleared his schedules to discuss his life and the impact of his death. And the people were mad. In total, the BBC has received at least 110,994 complaints about the withdrawal of their favorite shows. That’s more complaints than he’s ever received about anything. Of course, Prince Philip was important, but you go wrong with The One Show at your own peril.

Growth concrete

Technically, this is a radio moment rather than a TV moment, but I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it out. In October, a spokesperson for Insulate Britain appeared on TalkRadio and broke the spirit of host Mike Graham. You’ve seen the clip a million times before, but it ended with Graham claiming the concrete was growing like trees, pausing for silent and confused seconds, ending the interview and then stating with a tone. cranky that he never wanted to talk to another carpenter in his life. . The funniest, messiest brainfart that ever happened in public.

The Line of Duty Finale

I have to admit this terrifies me slightly, since the last time this diary mentioned Line of Duty in a vaguely negative way, Jed Mercurio became a banana in his own right. However, it’s fair to say that the culmination of Mercurio’s maturity in Line of Duty – a weary, beaten sigh upon realizing that the good guys will never really win – was met by thousands of tweets all saying “EH ? IS THAT THAT? ”By depriving audiences of a more rewarding wham-bang ending in favor of something more nuanced, the Line of Duty finale is called controversial. don’t tweet me about it, Jed.

Ant Middleton leaves SAS: who dares to win

This one, on the other hand, is probably not very controversial. In March, Ant Middleton was not invited to return to SAS: Who Dares Wins. Why? Well who can tell? Is it because he urged people to “carry on as usual” during the first wave of Covid? Was it because he called the Black Lives Matter protesters “absolute scum”? Is it because several women have filed complaints with their union, accusing them of making “obscene and suggestive” comments about them during the filming (what he claims to be a “military joke”)? He was one of them, considering Channel 4’s response. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Mr. Big’s fall (and fall)

When the sequel to Sex and the City And Just Like That… was announced, an issue above all else crept into the foreground. Carrie Bradshaw was married to Chris Noth’s Mr Big. How are you going to make a fun dating TV show when your main character is married? The series came up with an ingenious workaround: In the first episode, Big had a heart attack on a squad and died. As a result, Peloton’s actions collapsed and he was forced to bring Noth back for a damage-limiting ad campaign. And then, two days later, Noth was charged with multiple sexual assaults (which he denies). It’s probably fair to say that we won’t see him again.

The collapse of Christian Eriksen

Perhaps the most upsetting moment on all television this year was the Euro 2020 game between Denmark and Finland. Halfway through, the Dane Christian Eriksen fell to the ground and, while his teammates sobbed in anguish, was revived by the CPR. The incident was long and traumatic, and at no time did cameras escape the sight of a man who – as far as is known – had died. The BBC finally apologized for not returning to the studio sooner.

Richard Madeley in general

I mean, where to start? Do you have a crush on Kate Middleton’s size? Describe Angela Rayner as Keir Starmer’s “best girl”? Ask the victim of a fortified drink what precautions she had taken to prevent this from happening? Call a parenting expert “sweetheart”? Denigrate a climate change activist until he leaves the studio? There may be more, but I got them by Google searching for “Richard Madeley under fire” for three seconds and that sounds like enough to me.

BBC One’s Christmas Day

Granted, there are a lot of things going against it, like shrinking budgets and soaring competition, but BBC One’s Christmas Day programming was particularly lousy this year. In fact, it was so similar to the 2020 lineup that it featured the same repetition of the same episode of The Vicar of Dibley. The schedule shows an appalling lack of imagination and worse, forces us to really talk to our loved ones. Yuck.

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