Picketing screening by demonstrators of the film “Benedetta” for lesbian nuns; Everyone hilariously amused

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Paul Verhoeven’s latest film is Benedetta, a historical drama about Benedetta Carlini, a 17th century novice nun who joins an Italian convent and has a lesbian love affair with another nun. Honestly, it’s a little surprising that it took so long for the director of Showgirls and Primary instinct to make a lesbian nun movie. After its Cannes premiere, the film is now showing at the New York Film Festival, which makes some people very angry.

Again, it should come as no surprise that there are protests against a Paul Verhoeven lesbian nuns film. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the director paid for these people to show up and do some funny publicity. The festival itself even took advantage of the angry crowd with its own promotional tweets.

The accusations are all familiar: it’s blasphemous, it’s anti-Catholic, it would drive Jesus mad (in fairness, the Son of Christ always preferred Verhoeven’s earlier Dutch films). how these people think that legal action would be mounted on these grounds against Benedetta. I doubt that Benedetta Carlini, who has been dead since 1661, has his lawyers ready.

New York moviegoers had fun with this one.

I love the implication of these protests that moviegoers familiar with Verhoeven’s work will see the signs, go ahead, lesbian nuns !? I can’t stand this’, and go. Guys, this is why we are going to watch it! We want blasphemy and controversy. None of you have seen Black book Where She? You miss, clearly.

For the interested and the damned, Benedetta releases in the United States on December 3.

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