Oxford: The Miter pub will reopen as an Italian restaurant

Historic Oxford pub The Miter is set to reopen as an Italian restaurant by the end of the year.

The High Street pub, which has been owned by Lincoln College since the 15th century, has been vacant since it closed in 2018.

The site will now be taken over by Gusto Italian, which has pledged an investment of £1.4 million dedicated to renovating the renowned site, while bringing around 100 jobs to the town.

La Miter has a historic presence in the city

Founded in Cheshire in 2005, Gusto Italian has nearly 600 employees, known as family members, across 13 restaurants.

Matt Snell, Italian CEO of Gusto, said: “We have wanted to secure a site in Oxford for some time and the Miter Hotel was at the top of our list of potential locations, so we are delighted to announce this opening.

“The Miter Hotel has long been an Oxford landmark and it is an honor to become stewards of this site and restore this historic building to its former glory.

Oxford Mail: The Miter closed in 2018La Miter closed in 2018

“By preserving the features listed, while introducing design elements that have made Gusto Italian so popular, we are confident that we will deliver a magnificent building that blends tradition and modernity, which the people of Oxford will be proud to call their own. .”

The 10,000 square foot restaurant will be open for brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks, and with an Espresso and Cannoli bar open from 10 a.m. daily.

Oxford Mail: The new restaurant will hold more than around 150 covers The new restaurant will contain more than around 150 covers

The main dining room will hold approximately 150 covers with a reception room for 100 covers on the first floor.

The restaurant will also feature three new design concepts that have been a huge hit with Gusto’s Italian customers: Pizza Experience, Theater Kitchen and Dine Under the Olive Trees.

Recruitment for the new restaurant will begin later this year.

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