M&S Christmas ad features two VERY famous UK celebrities

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  • The M&S Christmas ad features two VERY famous British celebrities and shoppers have fallen in love with the animation.

    The battle for the best Christmas 2021 commercial is here and after John Lewis released his seasonal alien offering, rival supermarket chain M&S released their favorite of the Percy Pig family along with two special stars.

    Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of Percy, from Percy Pig cookies to Percy Pig Crispy bars, the supermarket exceeded our childhood wishes and brought him to life for the very first time before his 30th birthday. next year.

    And they’ve enlisted in two big-name celebrity names to add an extra sparkle of Christmas magic.

    Percy, voiced by Tom Holland, is awakened in the middle of the night by the magic of the Christmas fairy played by Dawn French.

    He enthusiastically explores the London Stratford Foodhall and discovers all the magic that M&S ​​Food has to offer at Christmas, from the Golden Blond Christmas Pudding collection to the Delicate Smoked Salmon.

    The campaign kicked off with a 60 second ad following a social campaign to tease Percy’s voice #whoispercypig.

    And the revelation behind Percy and the Fairy was warmly received.

    A viewer tweeted, ” Even better. I love dawn French !! xxx. ‘

    After hearing Spiderman star Tom Holland’s voiceover as Percy, another fan begged, ‘Can Percy now become SPIDERPIG …… .. PLEEEAAAASSSEEEE 😍😍😍😍’.

    And a third customer added, ‘Your Christmas ads so beautiful, festive and full of magical happiness. Thank you 💖💖💖. ‘

    If you haven’t seen the first ad yet, you can watch it below …

    And if much like after eating Christmas dinner you want more, then fear not, because M&S has filmed seven more episodes, where you can see Percy exploring the different food items between now and New Years.

    The commercials will run during the family slots and it will be bound to be a big hit with kids and adults alike.

    Percy Pig and Dawn French fairy M&S Christmas advertisement

    Sharry Cramond, Marketing Director for M&S Food, said: “This year the M&S Christmas Food line is better than ever and who better to tell customers about our delicious line of Christmas food than the national treasure and icon well- beloved of M&S himself, Percy Pig.

    “Of course he couldn’t have just any voice and the fact that Tom Holland is giving Percy Pig his first words is about as exciting as it gets. Add to that the voice of the one and only Dawn French as that Christmas fairy – that’s the stuff of Christmas dreams !! ”

    Dawn French as M&S fairy Christmas advertisement

    And as a little extra Christmas present, M&S will be launching iconic Percy Pig carrier bags.

    The store teased the ad on their Instagram by uploading a snapshot of the ad with an irresistible treat, M&S captioned it, “Find someone who looks at our golden blonde Christmas pudding like Percy does.” Swipe to see the delight. ‘

    To see all the Christmas goodies M&S has to offer, visit M&S ​​Christmas food and see what you love as Percy!

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