MINT announces the appointment of Salvatore Internullo as new Chief Growth Officer

MINTa major global player in the madtech space founded in 2014 and based in Milan, Italy, announces the entry of Salvatore Internullo as its new Chief Growth Officer.

Salvatore Internullo will be responsible for managing growth and implementing MINT’s expansion strategy. Its main objectives will include the development of sales and marketing policies and strategies, with the main objective of spreading the technological revolution that the MINT platform offers to the world, thus reinforcing the leading position that the company has already achieved in the market.

Salvatore Internullo, Director of Growth, MINT

Former Vice President of Stellantis and Country Director of Peugeot Italy, Mr. Internullo has held various positions of increasing responsibility and importance in the automotive and fashion worlds, both with national and international reach.

“The evolution of our society is clearly moving towards digitalization and sustainability, with investments going in the same direction, both in the public and private sectors. My professional career could only go in this direction, integrating a world-leading technology company to which I bring my experience, my knowledge and all my know-how to continue the development process already begun towards the economy of more and more digital of the near future,” says Internullo.

“The arrival of Salvatore is a fundamental step for the growth of our company. I am confident that a leader of his caliber and global experience is the right person to bring great results to MINT,” said CEO Andrea Pezzi.

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