Mici Handcrafted Italian Offers Holiday Lasagna To Go

Mici Handcrafted Italian is once again offering its third generation artisanal lasagna to take home for the holidays. With pre-party pickup, Mici’s fully assembled lasagna can be ordered uncooked or cooked and stored for up to three days in the refrigerator (or frozen), before being cooked to perfection at home.

Coming from a large family themselves, the Micelis know how important family time is during the holidays. They also know that people can get a little tired in the kitchen in 2021. So this year, Mici invites customers to let them do the hard work, so families can skip the dishes and jump straight to the good stuff.

Each home-made Mici Authentic Lasagna with Tuscan Meat Sauce dish will come with full cooking instructions and can serve between twelve and twenty people depending on serving preference.

There is no limit to the number of casseroles guests can pre-order; however, Mici requires 24 hours notice for lasagna platters, and the “uncooked” option must be noted on the order form.


  • Pre-order online at www.miciitalian.com or by calling 720.295.6109
  • Holiday lasagna molds are available from December 15 to January 1, 2022
  • 24 hour notice required
  • Note the preference “uncooked” in the online notes
  • Lasagna can be picked up from your nearest Mici at an agreed time
  • Lasagna costs $ 110 per platter (less than $ 10 per person!)

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