Michele Fiore candidate for governor of Nevada


Las Vegas City Councilor Michele Fiore said on Tuesday she would seek the Republican nomination for governor, posing as a champion of conservative values ​​amid a cascade of controversies that are expected to be the targets of the electoral cycle .

“Most of you know me as a fighter,” Fiore said during a brief press conference inside the Italian American Club restaurant. “And when I fight, I fight hard.”

Fiore, whose announcement was largely a surprise, has long relied on his reputation as an anti-establishment lawmaker with a penchant for gaining national attention.

She was in the foreground during the Bundy clash in Oregon. She posed with family members with guns for a Christmas card and handed it out as a gift to voters. She insulted a GOP colleague in the Assembly. And she handed out calendars featuring her with all kinds of guns.

Today, the municipal MP and former state MP is facing a new wave of scandals.

Fiore is the subject of an FBI investigation into his campaign finances; City Councilor Victoria Seaman accused her of breaking Seaman’s finger in an assault inside Town Hall; and Fiore survived a failed recall effort last year, fueled in part by racist remarks she allegedly made regarding affirmative action.

“Luggage is a by-product when you fight as hard and proudly as someone like Michele Fiore,” campaign consultant Rory McShane said following the press conference, where Fiore declined to answer questions. journalists.

McShane highlighted the failure of US Senator Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy in 2012, saying the Republican entered the race “like a whistle” but campaigned ineffectively because he betrayed GOP values and the conservative movement.

Fiore has vowed to be an antithetical candidate to those who would seek to compromise with the Democrats, making it clear that she has no intention of working with President Joe Biden’s administration if she is elected to the most high office of Nevada.

” It is not me. You’ll never hear me do that, she said. “And if you want, vote for one of my main opponents.”

Fiore faces several prominent Republicans in the race, including former US Senator Dean Heller, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, North Las Vegas-turned-Republican Mayor John Lee and Reno attorney Joey Gilbert.

Ready to “suffer the consequences”

Fiore still has not directly addressed the FBI investigation. There was a feeling before Tuesday that her scheduled press conference might bring up the matter because she had said her lawyer would be in attendance.

McShane said he had no personal knowledge of the FBI’s motives or if there was still an ongoing investigation. Fiore and her fledgling gubernatorial campaign sought to portray her as a broad target of a Democratic-led government.

McShane said Fiore was ready to “suffer the consequences” of the Biden administration, saying the FBI was investigating conservative activists across the country and the Justice Department had become “armed”.

In a video accompanying her campaign ad, a gun-fired Fiore abruptly pulls her Ford F-150 pickup to a halt in the middle of the desert, emerging to extol her conservative good faith, including being among the first elected to back Trump. She then stops to draw her semi-automatic handgun and shoot beer bottles representing vaccination warrants, critical race theory and electoral fraud.

“Joe Biden’s administration is going after me,” she said. “I am Michele Fiore and I am ready for the fight.”

McShane also floundered in the feud between Fiore and Seaman on Tuesday, downplaying the dissension between the two former close friends he described as “passionate people.” He said he hoped the case would be “over” soon.

First three goals

Fiore, a Second Amendment supporter, set goals for her first day as governor: to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools; ban government-mandated vaccinations; and audit the 2020 presidential election.

“I am fighting for our students who have a mask taped to their face. I am fighting for our teachers who are strangled by their union, ”she said. “And I’m fighting for our small businesses, which went bankrupt so badly during this shutdown and are still struggling today.”

In an email to his supporters, Fiore again sought to link his Nevada campaign to national politics.

“The failed Biden presidency continues to pull America down, and Biden-backed socialist Steve Sisolak continues to follow his shameful leadership,” she said in the email. “It’s time to bring real Conservative leadership back to Nevada.”

The praise of the GOP president

McShane said the campaign has yet to announce support, but Fiore was presented on Tuesday by Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald.

“Nevada needs a real fighter and we’re lucky to have that in Michele Fiore,” he said. McDonald also attended the launch of Heller’s campaign, a Lee fundraiser, and the opening of Lombardo’s campaign office. However, he did not support any candidate for governor.

Fiore’s term on the board will expire in November 2022.

She was first elected to the assembly in 2012 and served two terms before unsuccessfully running for the Republican primary in the 3rd Congressional District in 2016. She was elected to city council in 2017.

McShane said the digital campaign ad rolled out on Tuesday, while other ads are expected to start on Wednesday.

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