“Luna Park”: All the latest updates on the Italian TV series

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Netflix has dropped the teaser for the upcoming series that depicts the magic of Luna Park. This assumes that between the magic of Luna Park and the glamor of a Roman dolce vita, it revolves around the story of Nora who is a young Carney and Rosa who is a girl who belongs to the Roman aristocracy who comes to life.

Luna Park: il teaser trailer announces the data di uscita della nuova serie italiana di Netflix - Movieplayer.it

In an interview, they revealed all the secrets and the truth that have also been hidden for several years. This is Netflix’s latest Italian original series due to arrive on the 30e September 2021.

There is no doubt that Netflix is ​​also one of the leading streaming entertainment services with over 29 million paid subscriptions in over 190 countries and has also served over 209 million paid subscriptions in over 190 countries. and has served television series, documentaries and feature films. films in several language categories.

La serie tv Luna Park sta per arrivare su Netflix - Teaser en ligne
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The trailer begins with the scene of the couple walking into a park and riding the roller coaster. In this park, they met a lady who offered to find out about their future after Nora left with her.

She wants to know the discovery of her missing sister. It portrays the magic of Luna Park as she sees all things from the future. In this we will see that they will be playing a movie in which he reveals a symbol on the back of the little girl who gave some clues to his sister’s liveliness.

Park Luna Publications Tumblr - Tumbral.com

In this we will see the meeting between Nora, a young carousel woman, and Pink who is definitely part of aristocratic Rome that has led two completely separated families to look to the past for the future. Finally, the desired truth is revealed by the meeting of the destinies of several generations to emerge who will discover love.

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The story of this series was written by Tsabella Aguilar, Fandango. It is directed by Leonardo D’Agostini and Anna Negri. This television series contained with 6 episodes. This film stars Simona Tabasco as Nora, Lia Greco as Rosa, Antonio as Tommaso Ragno, Ludovica Martino, Milvia Marigliano as Miranda and Mario Sgueglia as Hector.

Release date

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This Netflix series will air on the 30e September 2021.

Here is the teaser:

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