Lexicon Classics Announces Future Releases

Emitha Studio and Lexicon Classics have announced future plans for upcoming recordings.

The newly created company noted that “it understands that audiences for classical music are growing, and they are growing where most music lives: online, in the digital sphere. With their immensely popular playlists and effective marketing and promotion strategies, their artists enjoy a cultivated following of over 100,000 active listeners. Their artists had over 4 million streams in 2020-21 alone. »

In a statement, founder Gillian Riesen said: “When Emitha started, our goal was to help artists shape and grow their creative media and share it with a wider audience. Naturally, when thinking of musicians in particular, starting a record label seemed like the next logical step! We hope Lexicon Classics can become a place where artists feel inspired, important and supported.

The company announced that future projects will include Tamara Wilson singing the world premiere recording of “Tiffany’s Spellbook” by Evan L. Snyder; Laura Virella with “Al menos cantos”, an album of Puerto Rican songs by Jack Delano; and pianist Chris Reynolds’ “Past is Prologue,” an album of piano transcriptions bridging eras and genres that illustrates the power of the past to create the future we live in.

The company will launch its first recording on January 28 with “Lament” featuring Sidney Outlaw.

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