Italian RAI becomes the first free-to-air broadcaster to watermark content | Daily News


Radio Televisione Italiana (RAI), Italy’s national public broadcaster, uses Nagra’s NexGuard forensic watermark and anti-piracy services platform to protect its streaming content and associated advertising revenue.

As a national provider of free public services, RAI is one of the leading producers and broadcasters of content in Italy, operating numerous terrestrial TV channels and radio stations. Nagra’s solution inserts NexGuard forensic watermarks into broadcaster content accessible to consumers through the web service and the RAI OTT app.

Nagra’s anti-piracy services platform is also operated, providing the crawl engine to monitor the web and pirate IPTV services, looking for illegal posts of original content. The crawled content is then inspected for watermarks and validate when the content is illegally redistributed. The solution also provides valuable insight into illicit activity data that enables actionable business decisions. The result is a complete solution that provides comprehensive coverage against illicit attacks on valuable content.

“Our tattoo-based anti-piracy solutions are essential for RAI to effectively control copyright infringements and secure the value of content distributed via OTT / AVOD,” said Thierry Legrand, SVP sales EMEA at Nagra. “Like many other customers, RAI builds on Nagra’s solid reputation for multimedia content security and anti-piracy expertise to not only understand the current challenges facing the industry, but more importantly to provide the tools and solutions needed to keep hackers at bay.

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