Italian media highlight how Inter coach Simone Inzaghi must learn from Antonio Conte’s Inter defensively


Inter coach Simone Inzaghi can learn lessons from how his predecessor Antonio Conte made adjustments to make his squad stronger defensively over the last season.

Inter have not started the season as a strong defensive unit, with seven goals conceded in six games, far from their record last season when they conceded less than one goal per game across the whole. campaign.

However, today’s print edition of Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera highlights the fact that the Nerazzurri also looked defensively vulnerable in the opening matches of last season before they tightened at the back, and in fact had conceded more goals after six matches than they have this campaign.

Simone Inzaghi seems to have implemented a different style of play than Antonio Conte set out for last season, more focused on possession and attacking intent.

The result is that the Nerazzurri got off to a good start in front of goal while conceding more than one goal per game on average.

It seems like a change of style from the squad Conte supervises, but in reality last season’s Inter started in the same vein as this season, playing with strong attacking intent but also showing some defensive weaknesses, having conceded ten goals so far. the season.

However, Conte made changes to the style of play that did not significantly hamper the team going forward but reinforced their defensive strength.

The Corriere suggests that the current coach will have to find a way to make similar adjustments if he wants his style of play to bring trophies rather than just entertainment for the spectator.

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