Italian media highlight financial disparity between Serie A and Premier League ahead of Inter’s clash with Liverpool

Inter will face a tough task when they take on Liverpool in the Champions League tonight, partly because of the financial disparity between Serie A and the Premier League.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan’s Gazzetta dello Sport, which notes the different levels of income and purchasing power enjoyed by the Nerazzurri and the Reds in their respective domestic leagues.

The main financial difference between Serie A and the Premier League is in foreign broadcast rights, with the Italian top flight bringing in around €220m in broadcast revenue outside of Italy.

Meanwhile, the Premier League derives very significant revenue from the sale of its overseas broadcast rights, amounting to up to 1.6 billion euros.

Inter’s financial situation has been particularly precarious in recent years partly due to the pandemic, with the club’s 2020-21 accounts recording a loss of €246m, a record one-year loss for an Italian club.

Things are improving at the Nerazzurri, with owners Suning seeing some success in their aims to cut club costs while remaining competitive and even improving on the pitch.

Of the €246m in accounts last year, €70m will be uncommitted to this set of accounts, while the club also made the main sales of Achraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku who brought significant cash in their coffers.

This, combined with the fact that stadium revenue after the pandemic restrictions means the Nerazurri appear to be on sounder financial footing than just a year ago.

However, the gulf compared to the financial power of big Premier League teams such as Champions League opponents Liverpool is still very large, and it owes a lot to the income disparity between the two leagues.

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