Italian media explain why Atalanta won’t sell inter-target Matteo Pessina this summer, Italian media report says


Atalanta midfielder Matteo Pessina is a target for Inter, but he is unlikely to be sold by his current club this summer for reasons related to a clause in the deal that brought him to La Dei from AC Milan.

This is described in a report from the Italian media, who explains that the player would only be likely to be sold by the Bergamo club once he reaches the hundred or so appearances for them.

The reason for this is a clause in the terms of his sale from Milan to Atalanta in 2017, which states that if the 24-year-old is sold before making a hundred appearances for La Dei, 50% of the costs of his sale would go to the Rossoneri.

As a result, La Dei seems willing to refuse to sell him before he makes a hundred appearances, as it would make little financial sense to them.

On the other hand, when he achieves this goal, he will become a full Atalanta player and the Bergamo-based club will be entitled to the full profits of his sale.

The player is currently making 59 competitive appearances for La Dei, so there’s a good chance that after next season he will hit the 100, and in that case the club could become open to letting the player go.

The Nerazzurri have an interest in bringing the 24-year-old long-term and may move for him next summer, with the Italian midfielder seen as admired at the club, in which case Atalanta could be ready to move. agree on a fee for it.

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