Italian media detail penalties Inter could face after FFP deal with UEFA

Inter have agreed a settlement with UEFA over possible penalties for breaches of financial fair play, and could potentially face everything from fines to being banned from playing or withholding revenue of European competition.

This according to the Italian football finance outlet Calcio and Finanzawhich detail the potential sanctions that would be on the table for all the top clubs who face sanctions under the FFP, including the Nerazzurri.

UEFA have been working with a number of top European clubs for some months, opening procedures on their accounts from recent seasons with a view to gathering information ahead of changes to FFP regulations which are expected to take place from 2024.

Europe’s highest governing body is well aware of the financial effects of the pandemic on top clubs and for this reason has shown greater leniency on sanctions in addition to introducing changes to the regulations that will come into force in the coming seasons.

However, penalties are still on the table, with the least severe being a warning and then the next possibility being a fine for not complying with the regulations.

After that, the next step would be for teams to have points deducted as part of European competition, followed by the withholding of revenue from participation in competitions like the Champions League and Europa League.

Bans on registering new players, or restrictions on the number of players who can register in a squad to participate in European competition are also on the table, while the harshest penalties would be outright exclusion. clubs in these competitions, even stripping. previously awarded titles.

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