Italian Love Island fan claims Davide ‘faking’ accent as viewers ask for captions

An Italian Love Island fan has slammed islander Davide Sanclimenti saying his accent is “fake”.

The confused viewer of the hit ITV dating show took to Reddit to make his claims as he disputed the authenticity of the hunky business owner of Manchester’s Italian accent.

They wrote: “I’m Italian and I think Davide’s accent is fake or at the very least most definitely forced. There you go.”

As the post sparked a discussion among viewers, the viewer later clarified his opinion on his way of speaking with an edit to the original claim.

They continued: “Edit: I’m basing this on a very large number of fellow Italians who live in the UK like me. People with such a strong accent also tend to get their grammar wrong, which is not the David’s case.

A fellow Italian questioned the authenticity of Davide’s accent

“Some of the things he pronounces wrong aren’t a thing either. I’m not saying he doesn’t have an accent at all, but he was probably asked to force it.”

Meanwhile, fans of the show have taken to Twitter to ask the producers to include captions on some of Davide’s on-screen moments as they struggle to decipher what he’s saying. thanks to its soft tones.

A viewer posted: “Where can I get subtitles when Davide speaks?”

Love Island Davide
Viewers asked for subtitles to help them understand Davide

Another added: “I’m sorry but sometimes Davide needs subtitles, I really struggle.

A third agreed: ‘I desperately need subtitles for Davide, what does this man say.’

A fourth social media user continued, “I can’t understand a word from Davide and my captions aren’t fast enough.”

A fifth claimed: “We definitely need subtitles when Davide speaks because tell me why I have to rewind and slow down just to understand it.”

Love Island Davide
Davide and Gemma enjoyed their first date on Wednesday

Bombshell Davide, 27, was seen copulating with 19-year-old international dressage rider Gemma Owen on Tuesday night (June 7) after being able to choose from all the Villa girls.

The couple were then seen leaving the Villa to go on their first date in Wednesday’s episode (June 8), before two new Bombshell girls were revealed to be entering the Villa ahead of the next recoupment on Friday June 10.

Love Island airs every night except Saturdays at 9 p.m. on ITV and ITV Hub.

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