International battle for 6-year-old cable car survivor goes to court


“I lost my faith in the Italian system,” he said, explaining why he brought Eitan to Israel. He had been frustrated, he said, not being able to communicate directly with the judges and having no say in Eitan’s care.

Eitan is doing well in Israel, he said.

“Now that he’s here, he’s sleeping next to me, and he’s touching my hand, you know, all night long. He doesn’t publish it, ”Peleg said. “He is so happy”

Roberta Sacchi, a Rome-based psychologist who is a frequent consultant in custody matters, said that when both parents are deceased, the primary consideration for a court is to “ensure that the quality of the child’s life before the event also remains stable. as possible.

A move can be traumatic for a child, and “the tendency is not to remove a child from a known routine,” she said, adding that the court should determine if and where the child has gone to. school, or had a close connection with a parent. .

In the case of Eitan, which she did not consult, the Turin judge who granted custody to Ms. Biran “respected this principle”, she said, because the child had been educated in Italy and had lived there.

Ms. Biran said her family and Eitan’s family lived close to each other, and Eitan and Emilia, one of Ms. Biran’s daughters, attended kindergarten together. He was due to start primary school with his cousin in Italy last week.

But none of this can be in question for the Israeli court.

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