Inter striker Romelu Lukaku is the biggest net earner in Serie A but the 5th highest in gross earnings, Italian media detail

Inter striker Romelu Lukaku is the highest net earner of any player in Serie A, despite the club’s salary expenditure being only the fifth highest in the league in terms of gross.

This according to the Italian football finance outlet Calcio and Finanzawho report that the 29-year-old’s €8.5m-per-season net salary puts him ahead of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba as the top net earner, but the Nerazzurri are saving on the gross per season. compared to other high-income players due to the Growth Decree.

Lukaku earns €8.5m net per season, while Pogba earns €8m net per season after his summer move to the Bianconeri on a free transfer from Manchester United.

Juventus trio Adrien Rabiot, Dusan Vlahovic and Leandro Paredes each earn €7m net per season, while all of Inter’s Marcelo Brozovic and Lautaro Martinez and Juventus players Leonardo Bonucci, Alex Sandro, Wojcjech Szczesny and Angel Di Maria all earn €6.5. million net per season.

When it comes to the highest earners in the Italian top flight, the top ten players all play for Inter or Juventus.

In terms of gross spend, the Nerazzurri are able to apply the tax benefits of the growth decree to Lukaku’s wages, which means the gross amount is €11.135m net per season.

This puts the Belgian behind Vlahovic whose gross earnings are €13m per season, and all of Szczesny, Bonucci and Brozovic who earn €12m gross per season.

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