Imagine what Travis Scott’s next A24 movie will look like


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Four possible storylines for Travis Scott’s A24 movie

I was starting to worry. We are eight months into 2021 and partnerships with the Travis Scott brand have been rare. So I’m grateful to A24, the favorite movie studio of everyone in line at Tyler’s, the designer’s GOLF WANG store, for giving little Travis a chance to fulfill his dream of diversifying his portfolio – oh, I mean, his rumored dream to write a movie to accompany his next album!

If we know anything about Travis, this deal with A24 probably involves a lot more than a script: it’s easy to imagine tote bags, mugs, and, if this thing actually hits a movie theater, a extreme snack pack at the concession stand. But for now, let’s focus on this script that may or may not exist, and consider what kind of movie it could become …

Title: Inner rage

Slogan : He thought he was a useless creation … until he found out he was an interstellar creator

Lakeith Stanfield stars as a guy who gets dumped by his model girlfriend because he has no real passion. Distraught, he tries to get out of the grid and move around the wilderness, except during his trip there he’s kidnapped by aliens, although they turn out to be pretty cool. He begins to adjust to alien society and comes across a job helping to manufacture alien space equipment. He turns out to be a natural and quickly ascends the ranks of the alien design world. Ultimately, after much success, he was given the choice to return to Earth, but chose to stay with the aliens, as ordinary humans actually repressed his creativity. He is different.

The Lonely Rager

Fashion was her life, but was her life ruined by fashion?

This coming-of-age movie is about a misfit teenager who gets roasted in school for his dream of becoming a creative director for a lifestyle brand. The kid, played by style guru for all NYU kids in Soho, Luka Sabbat, is a loner playing around with the theater department’s design gear to make his own clothes, but he’s still very cool. and kiss with a group of girls and stuff. Eventually, he posts a design on Instagram and goes viral because a famous rapper with a keen sense of fashion (Travis Scott, playing himself) starts sharing his pieces. The film ends with the kid in Paris flipping through his profile in English Vogue like “90210” sounds in the background.

Rage against the machine

It is not easy to be a rebel. And it’s even harder to be the last… on Earth!

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