“I will encourage Inter, I can see Gleison Bremer at Inter next season”

Former Inter and Torino defender Fabio Galante has said he will be cheering on Inter on Sunday night, according to a report in Italian print media today.

Speaking in an interview with a Turin newspaper TutosportFabio Galante says given Inter’s need for three points in the Scudetto fight, he wants them to win the match in Turin on Sunday night.

“I tend to always cheer for the underdog. On Sunday, however, as Inter will need three points to fuel the Scudetto goal, I will be cheering on the Nerazzurri.

As far as how the match goes, Fabio Galante expects it to be very difficult for both teams. He believes Inter are still the favorites to win the Scudetto in May.

“The match promises to be difficult for both of them: Inter, after being eliminated this week from the Champions League, will focus everything on the championship and will try to repeat the triumph of last year.

“The Nerazzurri haven’t yet played the match with Bologna which could bring them back to the top of the table, but in Turin we will have to be careful.

“Inzaghi’s team needs to regain the polish they recently showed they lost. If I were to say three months ago, I would have had no doubts about the outcome of this game, but now it’s different.

“Inter, however, are still league favorites for me despite Milan and Napoli showing they are close.”

When asked who on the pitch he thinks would be decisive, Fabio Galante identified Edin Dzeko and Lautaro Martinez for the Nerazzurri.

“For Inter, I would say Dzeko and Lautaro, they both scored goals against Salernitana, but also Barella with the forward runs he makes.”

Summary of the various battles around the pitch Fabio Galante had some advice for Turin defender Gleison Bremer who will face Edin Dzeko.

“Bremer and Dzeko will definitely be a physical clash. We saw how perfect the defender was in defusing Vlahovic in the derby.

“I want to give him advice for Sunday: he will have to limit physical contact with Dzeko to a minimum, preventing him from turning around. With a player like him, the Bosnian will have to play ahead.

“Brozovic will be the beacon of Inter’s game. In this sense, Juric could opt for a man-marking of Pobega, as Napoli had done in the past using Zielinski.

Gleison Bremer has been linked with a move to Inter this summer and Fabio Galante says he can imagine him playing for the Nerazzurri.

“He is confident, plays the ball well and fights with his opponents. I consider him a complete defender, and for his age, in my opinion, he is ready for a big blow.

“I can see him at Inter next season, but not only at Inter: one performance after another has earned him the chance to play in the defenses of the strongest teams in Europe.”

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