How Robert De Niro inspired her to be better

Often described as “the best actress of her generation”, Meryl Streep has distinguished her career by her versatility and her ability to adapt to accents. The actress began her stage career in 1975, appearing in Trelawny des Puits.

Just two years later, Streep made the rapid transition to acting when she landed the role of Anne Marie in Fred Zinnemann’s Holocaust drama. Julia. From there, the actress went on to become one of cinema’s greatest, with 21 Oscar nominations, winning three, and a record 32 Golden Globe Award nominations, winning eight.She has also received two British Academy Film Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Primetime Emmy Awards.

Streep recently expressed his admiration and affection for another screen legend, Robert De Niro, who is also considered one of the greatest of his generation. De Niro gained acclaim primarily through his collaborations with legendary director Martin Scorsese, as well as other roles where he showcased his polished range.

The actor’s most notable films include the Scorsese classics Taxi driver, angry bull and Casino. He also performed more comedic roles such as Walk the dog and Meet the parents. De Niro and Streep appeared in four films together; To fall in love, Marvin’s room, The deer hunter and the good hunter. The two have built a close friendship that goes beyond the fact that they don’t speak to each other every day.

Streep recently shared how she discovered De Niro as an actor, which later led her to become an actress.

The movie star spoke at a University of Texas event honoring the actor about the first time she saw De Niro on the big screen. After discovering that a classmate had acted in a movie, Streep and some friends headed to the theater to see the 1973 film Hit the drum slowlythe story of two baseball players.

She said she thought her friend Michael Moriarty gave a “great” performance, it was his Italian co-star who caught her attention the most. “Michael was awesome, but we all agreed that the kid they found down south, non-actor, clearly non-actor, amazing performance,” Streep shared, “we thought they must have gone through the Appalachia to find this guy.”

Streep would soon cross paths with De Niro again when she went to see one of her greatest hits and Scorsese twice. average streets stars Harvey Keitel with De Niro in a supporting role and explores street life in Little Italy. A little hood tries to free himself from the dangers of his debt with a vicious loan shark. He asks for help from a friend who is also involved in criminal activities.

For his role as “Johnny Boy” Civello, De Niro won National Society and New York Film Critics Circle awards for Best Supporting Actor. In 1997, the Library of Congress has selected average streets for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant”.

“There’s the same kid,” Streep shares his thoughts as he watches, “only this once… a New York punk, and he’s mean, you know, fast-talking Street Smart Guy.” The actress again emphasizes her reaction to De Niro’s on-screen magnetic energy. “We were blown away, we went through the credits and saw his name, I said my God, he’s Italian. This is Robert D Nero”.

The last film that influenced Streep’s acting career was De Niro’s most famous role in one of Scorsese’s greatest. Taxi driver is a psychological drama following the life of former veteran Travis Bickle. De Niro’s performance in this film is undeniably complex as he is both charming and dangerous, magnetic yet sinister.

She also revealed that when asked which other movie stars she looked up to, Streep was very fond of De Niro after seeing this movie. “I said to myself, this is the kind of actor I want to be. This is what I want to do. And I want to do it with the commitment and the passion and the skill and the beauty that it is. And it was my beacon for 50 years.

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