How Netflix Influences Your Next Vacation – And You Might Not Even Know It

San Sebastian’s foodie hotspot, which has seen its power skyrocket after being the subject of several television programs with cameras regularly crammed into its tiny pintxo bars and Michelin-starred restaurants, is a good study in what happens when the producers call. Marti Buckley, Telegraph Travel destination expert and author of the Basque Country cookbook, agrees that can be a mixed blessing.

“I think there are two types of food travel shows — those that really respect and pay homage to a place and those that recycle the same old content,” Buckley says. “Despite the growth in tourism, locals still enjoy showing off their city’s food, and a show like Anthony Bourdain’s, for example, is a source of great pride.

“There is the inevitable tension as prices rise and more hotels are built, but the restaurant and bar owners here are quite tight-knit and work together behind the scenes to encourage continued quality and maintain the tradition. Everyone is doing relatively well, which dampens the competitive advantage.

Its deep-rooted identity means a city like San Sebastian may be able to handle the heightened attention, but as over-tourism once again becomes a concern, other destinations may start to think twice before letting visitors in. cameras.

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