Gucci calls on Eurovision’s Måneskin for new Aria campaign


Through sexually charged images, Italian brand Gucci unveiled its Aria campaign featuring the luxury house’s century-old collection, featuring Eurovision winners Måneskin.

Aria brings a new light to equestrian-inspired looks and Gucci logo-embellished pieces, through a scorching campaign inspired by Eros, the Greek god of love. Among the models of relaxation and BDSM gear are the works of Sigmund Freud, Judith Butler and other books focusing on sexual theories and desire.

Alongside a star cast, personally chosen by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Italian tops Måneskin have made their mark, each adorned with key looks from the AW21 collection. The campaign closely follows Måneskin’s latest music video for their song “I Wanna Be Your Slave”, in which the band is also dressed head-to-toe in Gucci. With now over 40 million views, the video confirms the band’s flourishing success after winning the annual Eurovision Song Contest in Europe.

Image: Gucci, Måneskin

Fitting in perfectly with the rock and roll aesthetic of the Aria season, the group presented a selection of genderless outfits that were unveiled earlier in the year in homage to Tom Ford’s tenure at home. A point of particular attention fell on the 1961 Jackie bag as part of Gucci’s collaboration with Balenciaga which was presented alongside the main collection.

In addition to the campaign’s erotic imagery, the Aria video further expands on the brand’s commentary on sexual appetite and luxury fetishism. Focusing on the ‘ontology of desire’, separated into five parts including androgyny, eros, body, clothing and philosophy, the video chronicles different areas of devotion and lust, exploring complex themes surrounding the identity and erotic aspirations.

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