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French and Italian newspapers have also joined with Russia in poking fun at the UK for the fuel supply problems it suffers from. Mocking the UK, Russian media compared the lines for fuel at gas stations to those seen in the days of the USSR. As the UK struggles to address the crisis, Russian state media station NTV has said rising gas prices will mean Britons could freeze this winter.

A pro-Kremlin TV presenter waved two British newspapers, saying gasoline has now run out in the UK.

The presenter said: “The lines for gasoline pumps are like those for sausages that were rare in the Soviet Union.

“There is no gasoline, there are only newspapers that say the gasoline is gone.

“Last week, they wrote that the food had run out.

“I wonder what’s going to happen next here?” “

Another TV presenter in Moscow added: “Heating at home or eating at the table – that’s a choice the Brits could face in a month or two.”

Other Russian state media bragged about reported scenes of violence at some gas stations.

The Vesti news program said: “It turns out that in the UK everything now depends on the grace of nature, over which, fortunately, the UK cabinet has no influence.”

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Capitalizing on the crisis in the United Kingdom, the French newspaper Liberation claimed that Britain had become dependent on foreign workers.

Indeed, the newspaper claimed that hundreds of plumbers have now returned to France after Brexit.

The newspaper mused: “Two years after Brexit, hundreds of thousands of drivers, farm workers, waiters, plumbers and even doctors working in Britain with European passports have returned to their countries with no intention of returning.”

Joining the French newspaper, the Italian publication Corriere della Sera, the country’s leading newspaper, said: “Britain is running on empty and the British are – exceptionally – in complete panic”.

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Despite the boasting of foreign countries, the UK claimed the crisis was now under control.

As many lined up at gas stations across the country, Chief Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke said the situation was now starting to be resolved.

He said today: “This crisis is now absolutely something that is back under control.”

Mr Clarke has also ruled out that Brexit plays a major role in delivery shortages.

Instead, he suggested that a combination of Covid, Brexit and a prevented backlog of tests had been the cause of the problems.

When asked if the UK would be in a better position if it hadn’t left the EU, he replied: “I really don’t accept this”.

“The idea that this is Brexit is to try to get us back into what is really, I fear, a pretty negative conversation about missed opportunities.

“If you look at the situation in Germany, if you look at the situation in Poland, if you look at the situation in France, they also share these problems.”

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