Four people arrested for alleged kidnapping of a Briton in Italy | Italy

An Italian judge has confirmed the arrest of four people for the alleged kidnapping of a 25-year-old Briton.

Patrick Sam Kourosh Demilecamps, from London, was on vacation in Italy when he was allegedly kidnapped and held captive for eight days in an apartment in Monte San Giusto, a small town in the central Marche region. He was released by police on Wednesday after tracking him down via the location tracker on his cell phone.

Rubens Beliga Gnana, 18, Ahmed Rajraji, 21, Dona Conte, 22, and Aurora Carpani, 20, were arrested on charges of kidnapping for the purpose of extortion. The four live between Monte San Giusto and the nearby town of Montegranaro.

Massimiliano Mengasini, lieutenant colonel of the Macerata unit of the ROS Italian rifle special operations group, said on Friday that police were still working to determine the circumstances of the alleged kidnapping and how Demilecamps came into contact with the group.

One of the suspects reportedly told the judge on Friday that Demilecamps owed the group € 7,000 (£ 5,900) and that the kidnapping was arranged in order to convince his family to send the money.

Police found the man in handcuffs and bare feet in a dark room with furniture pushed up against the wall. Police said he was fed sporadically and was “psychologically tested” by ordeal.

The alleged kidnappers of Demilecamps allowed him to contact his parents in the UK to ask them to send the € 7,000 to secure his release, and via a coded text message his parents understood he was being held against his will.

The man’s father contacted the National Crime Agency (NCA) in the UK, which in turn alerted Italian police.

The man told police he has been in Italy since early June after traveling there to escape the UK after the coronavirus lockdown.

In recent months he had visited several cities including Naples, Sorrento, Florence and Bologna, before arriving in Macerata. At the time of the kidnapping, the man was with a friend, who managed to escape and notify relatives in the UK.

Andrea Gentili, mayor of Monte San Giusto, said the city of 8,000 was “stunned” by the news of the alleged kidnapping.

“We only hear about kidnappings on television,” Gentili told the Italian press. “We are a small town and therefore such an event for us is even more striking. We’re so sorry to find ourselves in the spotlight for a story like this. “

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