Flying motorcycles, best e-bikes and more personal transport to come


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A motorcycle above it all

The Speeder is a futuristic looking flying motorcycle created by Jetpack Aviation, based in Ventura, California. While some components are still in development, the vertical take-off and landing aircraft will feature jet turbine engines that will provide vertical thrust. Once in the air, the engines would tilt backward and the aircraft would fly on small wings powered by net zero carbon fuel. Two recreational models, starting at $ 385,000 each, are available for pre-order. One reaches speeds of over 150 mph and flies for almost an hour at over 15,000 feet; an ultralight version that does not require a pilot’s license to operate is limited to 60 mph by federal regulations and flies for 15 minutes. The company hopes to make them available in 2023. A faster, more resilient model for military and rescue missions is also in development. Within 10 years, the recreational Speeder could be automated and used for public transportation in cities, with rooftops reused for parking, CEO David Mayman said.

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