Did the cast of “Everybody Loves Raymond” really film outdoors in Italy?


In season 5 of the classic television comedy Everyone loves Raymond, the matriarch of the Barone family, played by actor Doris Roberts, announces that she has set aside enough money to take the whole family to Italy.

His stepdaughter Debra, played by actor Patricia Heaton, timidly asks if that includes her, Marie assures him that it does, and they are gone.

But does Raymond to transport all the actors and the team to Europe to film the two episodes entitled “Italy”?

Actors Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts and Ray Romano in a chaotic scene from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ | Ron Jaffe / CBS via Getty Images

The show’s executive producer was inspired by Ray Romano

After season 1 of the series ended, executive producer and series creator Phil Rosenthal discovered that star Romano had never traveled to Europe.

“I said, ‘Ever been to Europe?’ », Remembers Rosenthal, according to Hollywood journalist. “Ray said, ‘No.’ I asked, “Why not? and Ray said, “I’m not really interested in other cultures. Even his own (Italian) culture. And I thought, ‘There’s an episode.’ ”

Throughout the series, Rosenthal, the writers of the series and Romano have chosen situations and incidents from their own marriages and families as the material for the comedy. From treating PMS in a marriage to intruding in-laws, the show has it covered.

When Romano told Rosenthal he wasn’t much of a globetrotter, the showrunner then grabbed what he knew to be the winner of an episode idea.


The actors and the team have indeed shot on location in Europe. The two parts titled “Italy” were the first episodes of the fifth season of the series and were filmed in July 2000 in the town of Anguillara Sabazia, outside Rome. Rosenthal revealed that it took a bit of persuasion for CBS to send everyone on set overseas.

“We send [Ray Romano] in Italy as Ray, and he returns as [Italian actor] Roberto Benigni – transformed by the food, the people, the beauty, the joy of traveling, ”explained Rosenthal. “After some convincing from CBS and a reluctant Raymond, we shot two episodes of Everyone loves Raymond in Rome. “

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For her part, the co-star of the Roberts show clearly loved the Mediterranean country because she Told the Foundation of the Television Academy: “I have been to Italy 21 times in my life. She explained that when told that the show would be filmed in Italy, “I took my kids ahead of time. My grandchildren, my son and my daughter-in-law to Italy. vacation before I went to work It was fabulous working there.

“It was a wonderful story,” the veteran actor said of the episodes. “And you have to see Italy. We all had a great time together. “

This show is kind of a spin-off from ‘Italy’

Phil Rosenthal’s parents chat with him on “Somebody Feed Phil” episode

Rosenthal credited the Italian Raymond episode to bring his idea for a new series to life. First on PBS in 2015 as I’ll get what Phil has, Rosenthal perfected his concept of cooking and travel show on Netflix in 2018 as Someone feed Phil, now with four seasons available on the streaming giant.

“This is what inspired me to do Someone feed Phil, he said about Everyone loves Raymond Episode “Italy”. “It’s partly food and travel, but also partly sitcom and – to my surprise – today, partly political statement. How did it happen? Since when did embracing other people and cultures become a liberal cause? “

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