Di Tondo becomes CEO of Barilla

PARMA, ITALY — Claudio Colzani, after more than 10 years leading the Barilla Group, will step down as CEO in April 2023 to pursue other professional opportunities. Gianluca Di Tondo, former director of marketing, has been chosen to take over as director next year.

“I would like to thank Claudio for these 10 years that we have spent together,” said Guido Barilla, President. “He provided us with significant growth and consolidated the Barilla Group to a large extent, making it optimistic about its future challenges.

“His leadership made Barilla the first Italian company to receive the prestigious international Catalyst Award for achieving global pay equity. Special thanks are also addressed to him for having helped us in difficult times such as during the pandemic, and for the support he continues to give us during the succession.

Mr. Di Tondo said of his upcoming appointment, “I am incredibly happy, proud and grateful to the Board of Directors for this honour.

“I definitely see three main priorities at the top of my agenda: to further strengthen our brands in Italy and make them better ambassadors of the Italian way of enjoying food around the world; continue to nurture our values ​​and our diversity, to further improve our employees’ sense of belonging and to attract new talent; so that our consumers around the world recognize us as the most trusted food company. »

Mr. Di Tondo has over 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, with roles in sales and marketing.

In March 2020, he joined Barilla as Group Marketing Director, where his responsibilities included defining a new category strategy for pasta which resulted in the creation of the Barilla Al Bronzo line, the launch of new logos for Barilla and Mulino Bianco, and the creation of the Barilla Acceleration Team, a center of excellence for digital skills and advanced analytics in London. Mr. Di Tondo also played a key role in the acquisition of Pasta Evangelists, where he became Chairman of the Board.

“In recent years, buying behaviors, work models and distribution channels have changed,” Barilla said. “We hope to be at the center of this change, and open our window to the world, so that we can always best meet people’s needs. With his vision and experience, Mr. Di Tondo will lead the company through the transformation process necessary to become even more competitive on the international stage. MBN

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