David Mamet to direct JFK assassination movie

David Mamet

David Mamet
Photo: Ernesto Ruscio (Getty Images)

David Mamet is about to make a new movie about the assassination of John F. Kennedy from the perspective of the crowd, but rather than just having a bunch of Italians watching the news and saying “this is an American tragedy that we had absolutely nothing”. to do with “, the film will claim that – dramatic pause – the crowd had something to do with it. Specifically, Mamet’s film—2 days/1963– operates on the theory that Chicago mobster Sam Giancana staged Kennedy’s assassination as payback for his attempts to undermine the mob after they helped him get elected (much of the Oliver Stone action jfk).

On top of that, the film will have an added layer of (questionable) credibility, with Giancana’s real great-nephew, Nicholas Celozzi, writing the screenplay (Mamet, who is apparently sort of accomplished playwrightwill do a rewrite). It all comes from Deadlinewith Celozzi saying some of his information comes from conversations he would have with his family, such as an uncle who was supposed to be with Giancana during the two days he was in Dallas orchestrating the assassination and who was “the fly on the wall” throughout.

Other statements by Celozzi in the Deadline piece read like something a gangster guy would say in a gangster movie, so it’s not particularly surprising that Mamet – in a statement of his own – compares the script “to what Francis Coppola did with Mario Puzo in The Godfather(thus comparing his mob film to the greatest and most iconic mob film of all time). Mamet says that The Godfather isn’t good because it follows the book, it’s good because it captures the feeling of “Francis Coppola and Mario Puzo sitting around a kitchen table and telling the stories they’ve heard about their grandparents “so it” stinks of being inside, family, and cultural myths presented as gossip.

Again he talks about The Godfathernot his movie, but the implication is that 2 days/1963 will also capture these feelings. The Deadline the story mentions that Mamet had wanted to make a Kennedy assassination movie for years, with one “based on the Zapruder movie” that Cate Blanchett was attached to ten years ago, so it looks like he finally has the chance to exorcise some gangster thoughts with this .

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