Couple killed after boating crash on Italian lake – with woman’s legs ‘torn off’ – World News


Two German tourists are under investigation for manslaughter following a fatal boat crash on Lake Garda in Italy in which a man and a woman were killed.

Umberto Garzarella, 37, and Greta Nedrotti, 25, died in the collision overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

The man’s body was found on a small boat in the early hours of Sunday morning, while the woman’s body was found in the water of the popular lake, Italian media reported.

A search for Greta was reportedly launched after women’s clothing was found on the boat near the man’s body.

Witnesses said one of the woman’s legs was partially torn off and the man suffered a serious abdominal injury.

Umberto Garzarella was found dead on a small boat

The Brescia prosecutor ordered an autopsy of the bodies of the victims.

Two 52-year-old Germans under investigation for double manslaughter and non-assistance, Italian news agency says Ansa reports.

italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reports that the men were located after other tourists noticed that their moored motorboat had been damaged.

Greta Nedrotti
Greta Nedrotti’s body was saved from the water

Some residents also told the newspaper that the men were seen eating and drinking at a restaurant in Salò, the largest town on the western shore of Lake Garda.

According to Today, tourists from Munich told investigators they hadn’t noticed anything because it was dark.

One of the two men was also injured in the accident, Brescia today reports.

Garda lake
Lake Garda is a popular tourist attraction in northern Italy

Tourists underwent blood tests to determine if they had been drinking before the incident.

They are not in detention, but while the investigation is ongoing, they are not allowed to leave Italy and return to Germany.

Umberto, who owned a boiler servicing business, was passionate about boating and owned the small vessel involved in the collision.

A friend paid tribute to him by writing on Facebook: “One of Saló’s most beautiful smiles … and one of the most sincere! Bye Umbi … I can’t believe it.”

Umberto was in a relationship with Greta, who studied economics at university but recently worked as a hairdresser, Italian newspaper

The paramilitary Italian rifle police are investigating but did not reveal more details.

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