Cadbury launches new Twirl flavor with cryptic adverts

Cadbury has announced the launch of Twirl Caramel, a new take on the iconic Twirl, with caramel flavors wrapped in layers of chocolate. A series of cryptic advertisements have appeared in unexpected places, to limit the excitement to those with eagle eyes enough to spot them.

Twirl Caramel appeared on the tidal banks of the Thames this week. Despite being placed prominently in the Royal Victoria Dock, Greenwich, the adverts were submerged at high tide, with the message largely obscured, making them visible only to passers-by who happened to be there at the right time. Passing Thames riverboat commuters, canoeists and cable car users were among the few to spot it.

Other quirky placements have seen Cadbury advertise on a remote island with a population of two and the UK’s least used train station, keeping it a secret among the lucky few who end up in these remote locations.

Just as mysteriously as they arrived, all ads are now gone. Hinting at the upcoming Twirl Caramel bars themselves, Cadbury hinted that they are likely to be a real hit with fans, following the success of Twirl Orange, which has become a permanent member of the Twirl family l ‘last year.

Frederike Grohmann, Cadbury Twirl Brand Manager at Mondelez, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of Twirl Caramel, but we want people to know that this is a limited edition bar, which we know it will be popular. That’s why we’ve controlled the hype with our adverts, which only the most discerning Cadbury fans will have spotted.

As part of the campaign, Cadbury also identified several locations where Twirl superfans were located, including London, Liverpool and Birmingham. Advertising on billboards for a limited time only, viewers who spotted the adverts were among the first to get their hands on Twirl Caramel before it hit the shelves, with Cadbury awarding the first 5,000 a bar free, imploring them not to share the exciting news any further.

Twirl Caramel is due to land next month and will be found in local supermarkets, newsagents and, RRP 69p.

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