Bus stops in Florence expose ‘Israeli’ apartheid system

Advertisements at bus stops in Florence, Italy aim to open the world’s eyes to an obvious but largely ignored fact: “Israel” is an occupier who established a system of apartheid that has lasted since 1948.

  • Florence bus stop advertisements denouncing the ‘Israeli’ apartheid system.

Passers-by at bus stops in Florence, Italy, have recently noticed unusual advertisements. Neither the advertisements aim to inform passers-by about a brand or an offer, nor to persuade them to buy a product.

The ads simply aim to open the world’s eyes to an obvious but largely ignored fact: “Israel” is an occupier that established a system of apartheid that has lasted since 1948.

This campaign was launched in Florence, Italy, by a diverse group of local associations, political parties and private citizens who share their outrage at the inhumane system of discrimination and oppression imposed on Palestinians, as well as the indifference Western political institutions in the face of this crime. against humanity.

In a statement, the Florence Network for Palestine said: “We were inspired by a similar campaign led by anonymous activists in London,” adding that “the message was powerful in its simplicity: a dictionary entry defining the concept of apartheid, mentioning its application to South Africa’s past and Israel’s present.

“Israel’s system of ethnic and religious discrimination implicates all Palestinians in various forms: refugees denied their right of return, Palestinians living under direct Israeli military control in the West Bank or under siege in Gaza, and even that minority who has been granted Israeli citizenship but is subject to a long list of discriminatory laws and practices,” the statement read.

The statement implied that “Palestinian activists have claimed for decades that this system of oppression constitutes a crime of apartheid. It took a long time for human rights groups in Israel and the West to fully realize this.”

“But in the past two years, something has changed: one after another, leading human rights organizations have published detailed reports which, on solid legal grounds, conclude that Israel is responsible for the crime of apartheid “from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea”. “, he pointed out.

The organization referred to Amnesty International which finally published a long-awaited 211-page report last February, against which “Israel” had fought, which affirmed once and for all that the Israeli regime imposes a system of apartheid on Palestinians.

Amnesty said Israel’s system is based on “segregation, dispossession and exclusion”, which constitute crimes against humanity, and its findings were documented in a report that shows Israel’s seizure of land and Palestinian property, unlawful killings, forcible displacement of people and denial of citizenship.

This is the second report by an international rights group to accuse “Israel” of operating a system of apartheid, the first being Human Rights Watch whose report was published in April 2021. In keeping with tradition Israeli, he accused Amnesty of anti-Semitism.

What is apartheid?

The report also defines apartheid and shows that it is a violation of public international law and a crime against humanity under international criminal law.

As “Israel” has an institutionalized regime of “systematic oppression and domination of one racial group over another” and intends to maintain this system, it is classified as an apartheid regime and must be held accountable as as such by world governments.

“The Israeli authorities have enjoyed impunity for too long. The international community’s failure to hold Israel to account means that the Palestinians continue to suffer every day. It is time to speak up, to stand with the Palestinians and to tell Israel that we will not tolerate apartheid,” the report said. said.

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