ASK Italian supports community theaters with new promotion


ASK Italian is helping revive the theater industry with a series of new dishes, the proceeds of which will be donated to theater projects.

Six ‘for the theater’ dishes will be sold in October, including tiramisu, beef brisket pappardelle and a trio of arancini, with £ 1 of each dish being reinvested in theatrical initiatives led by the Ambassador Theater Group.

The restaurant’s branch on Ship Street will see the money go to support projects at the Theater Royal Brighton.

The promotion, which is also taking place in other key cities like London, Glasgow and Manchester, aims to provide support for the theater industry after receiving a devastating blow from the pandemic.

Laura Lane, Brand Manager for Ask Italian, said: “The past year has been a real struggle for many industries. We have felt it in our restaurants and we have seen it among our friends in theaters around our home.

“It’s such an important time to connect with the community and we are proud to support the charitable work of our local theaters – and of course, we can’t wait for our locals to try the new dishes.”

To mark the launch of the dishes, Ask Italian’s flagship restaurant in London will host special musical performances from the cast members of Pretty Woman: The Musical from the West End.

Hollie Coxon, UK Head of Creative Learning and Community Partnerships at Ambassador Theater Group, said: “We were delighted when Ask Italian approached us to help us support this initiative.

“In an exciting time when theaters are awakening and creativity in schools is rekindled, this valuable opportunity will bring much needed theatrical experience to schools and groups in our local theater area – benefiting hundreds of children and youth,” teachers and group leaders. . ”

Customers can also get a Passion Fruit Martini and an Espresso Martini in the promotion to help support theaters in their community.

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