Aldi “wins Christmas ad war” with hilarious savage dig at M&S

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  • Aldi has been declared the winner of the “Christmas ad war” after fans spotted his hilarious dig at M&S ​​following his controversial row of Caterpillar cakes.

    The low-cost supermarket launched its Christmas ad for 2021 and fans feared Kevin the Carrot could be replaced by Ebanana Scrooge in A Christmas Carrot.

    But while Kevin remains the star of the supermarket, and his plush toy is set to go on sale soon, eagle-eyed fans spotted a detail at the start of the animation that Aldi apparently aimed at rival supermarket M&S ​​- and off they go, they feel happy.

    Cuthbert the caterpillar – from Aldi Cuthbert v M&S Colin – can be seen being arrested by two lemon policemen.

    A fan tweeted, “Cuthbert the caterpillar stopped in Aldi’s Christmas ad is a great gossip” and I’ve circled the ad detail in case someone missed it.

    One customer suggested that Aldi win the Christmas ad war, telling his followers: Aldi wins Christmas ad war, just for Cuthbert’s cameo – being carried in handcuffs # freecuthbert ‘# KevinLaCarotte.’

    Another agreed, tweeting, Marcus Radishford ‘and Cuthbert the caterpillar get handcuffs removed Aldi you win. ‘

    And a third added, ‘Aldi won Christmas this year … Poor Cuthbert be swept away by those bitter lemons.

    Others were thrilled with Cuthbert’s inclusion, following the legal action brought against them by M&S for Colin the caterpillar’s copyright. It was Cuthbert pulled from the shelves amid the dispute before he was temporarily reinstated.

    A happy customer wrote: Cuthbert Caterpillar gets arrested early Good game Aldi, good game.’

    Another fan added, “I have plenty of time for Cuthbert the caterpillar to get arrested in the background of Aldi’s new Christmas commercial.”

    And another satisfied consumer congratulated its creators, To verify Cuthbert get arrested in the background! I aspire to be a marketer as wild as Aldi. ‘

    When does the Aldi Christmas commercial air?

    Aldi fans can expect to see Aldi’s Christmas commercial on TV at 7:15 p.m. on ITV tonight (Thursday, November 11, 2021) during Emmerdale’s commercial.

    After its premiere, it will air on national television and online.

    It’s a Dickensian version of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and follows the story of Ebanana Scrooge, who hates Christmas, to whom Kevin the Carrot reminds the joys of the holiday season.

    If you haven’t seen Aldi’s Christmas ad yet, you can watch it in full here…

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